Edinburgh quartet Whitehill Grove are back with a brand new single, “Take Off” which is released tomorrow is described by the band as “the transitional track from their previous Make Some Trouble EP to the new sound that they are aiming for, a taster of what’s to come from the diversely influenced outfit, showcasing where they want to go”.

Holding nothing back, “Take Off” kicks off with a driving guitar refrain, introducing us to a building bold drum rhythm that sits itself nicely alongside a vibrant bass-line – keeping up a prominent coarse energy throughout the tracks duration.

An overall upbeat single, an underlying tenacious factor draws you into the tracks darker tones – Distorted ferocious vocals combined with driving fuzzy melodies give for a grittier track overall. Dropping to echoing guitar refrains, energetically bold drum rhythms and a raw growing feel, Whitehill Grove have gifted us a tight track with a catchy driving theme – giving “Take Off” all the necessary elmememts of a stellar live track.

A dynamically fiery track that will have you surrendering to its short but sweet power trip.


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