All photos belong to Kris Boyle.

A positively infectious set from the outset, fuzzystar brought intertwining sunny riffs coupled with propulsive percussion and driving bass lines, making for an overall vibrant set. A charismatic band with a fun stage presence, even their slower tracks had a positive warm glow. Creating a warm presence throughout the duration of their set they closed with a breezily atmospheric track about love, wrapping audience members up in a completely upbeat atmosphere. With a soft feelgood element to their tracks, they were a compelling opener for the night.

Bringing a fuzzier feel to their set, Star Rover’s combination of winding guitar riffs, rolling bass lines and rhythmic percussion made for a colourful performance of energetic driving tracks. A dynamic stage presence brought further depth to the performance with injections of grooving bass lines giving an upbeat feel that you could move your feet to. A rising Edinburgh act that you should be getting behind.

Holding a warm atmospheric air, Wojtek The Bear’s performance gave bright jangly guitar riffs with depth adding smooth bass-lines and brightly pulsing drum rhythms, building a fuzzily warm atmosphere to their set that captivated the crowd and brought a dreamy feel to their overall performance, making for a hazy trip through the building duration of their set. A band with a knack for penning hook-laden dreamy tracks with an edge of swaying building instrumentation, their well crafted polished set left an air of excitement for the first listen of their debut album ‘a talent for being unreasonable’.

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