A luring energy was ever present throughout main supports Pleasure Heads set, kicking into each track with passionate ease, their hook-laden songs held an underlying tenacious factor, with each lively melody drawing the crowd further into their set. Winning over the crowd with ease, Pleasure Heads are undoubtedly a band you should be getting behind.

Taking the stage with a more than dedicated fan-base surrounding them, The Dunts dynamic energy was reciprocated throughout by a hyped crowd. With an unrivalled boisterous aggression to their set, their uniquely gritty sound combines dark drawing riffs, energetically vibrant drum rhythms and prominently bold bass lines with raw vocals and lyrics that fans draw a sense of relation from. Creating an unapologetic high-octane set from beginning to end. Holding an unmatchable talent, The Dunts set was a short but sweet power trip that left everyone wanting more.


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