Sitting in the Three Sisters on Edinburgh’s Cowgate with Stuart and Roan, two hours ahead of their debut headline set at Sneaky Pete’s, we chat about their due to be released debut single ‘Positive’, writing processes, what’s next for the duo and favourite artists.

A fairly new act, VanIves have already accumulated a dedicated following. I ask them how they would describe their sound to people who are yet to discover them, “Interesting question cause a lot of people ask us and we never really know what to say, I guess we have influences that come from a lot of different backgrounds, I’m predominantly an electronic music producer and Stuart was in an acoustic act before VanIves. It’s kinda a mix between the two, so it’s like acoustic-esque pop music but with electronic influences. Something along those lines I guess” –Roan

Releasing their debut single ‘Positive’ on May 31st, we delved into the writing process and creative inspirations behind the track, “We have a few different processes that we’ve been working on, ‘Positive’ was written a long time ago and we revisited it and bashed our heads together. It was a track that was primarily written on guitar but we wanted this particular track to be a sort of introduction to the style of our music, so we chose to have tasteful electronic parts in it and this will hopefully lead into the more electronic sounding material that we’re planning to release further down the line. Writing process wise though, we set briefs for ourselves with new tracks and maybe particular artists or tracks we’re listening to at the time of writing will have an influence on the track itself. We just try to fit the brief but also reference particular influences at the time too.” –Stuart 

On the topic of creative inspirations for VanIves, ” It depends on who we are listening to at the time I think but there’s definitely musicians like Bon Iver and the sound that he’s got with his auto tune stuff at the moment like in Creeks, that’s influenced a lot of our vocals” –Roan. Speaking on where he personally draws inspiration from throughout the writing process for new tracks Stuart explains that, “I guess the pop influences come from the likes of, SG Lewis who we recently supported in Glasgow, he’s been quite a big influence on us from quite early on in the project. His style of writing leans on electronic but is still very much in the pop world.”

Reflecting on their official launch show in Glasgow last August, its testament to their talent as artists to see how far they’ve come in such a short space of time. Getting onto the topic of standout moments for each of the members, “Personally I think it was supporting Tokio Myers and having people come up to us and tell us that they really enjoyed our set. It was kinda like a well we must be doing something right moment cause we had a bunch of people who took the time to talk to us which was really nice. It was nice to feel like what we’re doing is actually worthwhile and is making a bit of an impact on people” –Roan. “Its the same answer for me as well, it’s so nice to hear that people are actually enjoying our stuff, it’s nice to have people take the time to approach us after our set but also similarly we’ve been getting great feedback from the acts we’ve been supporting as well, feeling that support from acts that don’t need to go out of there way to say that to us has been really important to me.” -Stuart.

Finally, what can people anticipate from VanIves throughout the remainder of 2018? “Some actual music will be coming out, we’re super excited to be playing gigs but it will be great once we have material out too. Potentially two or three singles this year, probably just the two though. It depends what comes next for us as well though, with the next few shows we’ve had quite a lot of interesting offers. So hopefully we’ll be playing a bunch and we’d love to hit some festivals this year as well.” –Stuart. “Yeah there will definitely be music released officially and then some stuff maybe released unofficially too cause we’re at a stage now where we can do that and get away with it if you know what I mean *laughs*.” –Roan


VanIves debut single ‘Positive’ will be released May 31st. 

@ New Wave Testament 2018

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