Sitting upstairs in Glasgow’s Broadcast with Adam, Matt and Tom better known as Demob Happy – We dive straight into their latest release ‘Holy Doom’, chatting about the bands writing processes, influences and progression from ‘Dream Soda’ to ‘Holy Doom’. Their latest album received praise from fans and critics alike, speaking on how they felt about the response to ‘Holy Doom’ Matt and Tom explain that…

“Its been amazing, the love that we’ve had online and just the little things like comments that have been left on posts, it’s just been outrageous really to see how much people have been enjoying it. I don’t think we really expected it to be honest, we played Manchester at the start of the tour and loads of people were singing the words to album tracks and it hadn’t been out long, so it’s been great to see.” – Matt

“Yeah I wasn’t really thinking of what to expect from the albums release but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised to see people saying it’s the album of the year and their favourite album so far, it’s just super nice cause we put a lot into it and it’s cool that people have recognised it.” – Tom

Delving into the writing process and creative inspirations behind ‘Holy Doom’, “There’s this place that we go to in Wales, it’s a little cottage in a funny place that we always retreat to. We sort of shut ourselves off from the world and just write, we take demoing equipment in with us and that’s always been the idea of it really, we got the budget to do the album and thought let’s just go there. Let’s settle in there like we always do” Matt “It just kinda filters down from quite broad jams, where we’re not worrying too much about what’s coming out in the moment and then it funnels its way down into the sweet juice you hear on the album” Tom

On the topic of creative inspirations for Demob Happy,  “I guess you can’t help but be reflective of the world around you or the world inside you so I guess that’s the sort of stuff we’re talking about on the album and what Matts singing about but yeah influences wise its just stuff that we dig, we like riffs, harmonies, stuff from the 60’s right through to the present day. I think it’s about trying to sound like ourselves whilst also not being scared to move that into what people would want to hear.” Tom

‘Holy Doom’ is the band’s second studio album, reflecting on the progression from ‘Dream Soda’ to ‘Holy Doom’, “I think we are going to call it a day to be honest” Tom “They do always say leave on a high note! We released ‘Dream Soda’ a few years ago now and obviously a few things have happened between then and now but I think for us we’re just continuing to keep doing what we love and to have a second album out, for us it’s just nice to have some refreshing material out there and from now we want to go beyond that and keep the ball rolling. Make album three as soon as we can” Adam. Favourite Track? “For all of us it’s ‘Liar In Your Head’, that really encapsulates the vision of the album. It’s been really fun playing that live too!” Adam

What can be anticipated throughout the rest of 2018? “Basically the victory lap of ‘Holy Doom’, we just want to take it out there. On the surface we’re gonna be taking it out there and gigging and then behind the scenes we’ll be making a start on album three.” Tom

Finally, what’s been a standout tour moment? “I really liked Adam getting strip searched on the border of Norway a few weeks ago, that was really good. Do you mind me talking about that all the time?” Tom “It wasn’t my best moment, its fine I’m not embarrassed about it or anything” Adam *laughter* “Playing on top of a mountain in Bulgaria was pretty fun though, that was definitely up there. The wind blowing through our hair, it was pretty epic” Adam. “We felt like gods of rock” Tom *laughter*

@ New Wave Testament 2018

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