Glasweigan duo VanIves took to Sneaky Pete’s for their debut headline Edinburgh show on Thursday. A sheer force to be reckoned with, it’s a sure fact that the crowd were left in awe following the end of their performance.

Picking up fans along the way through support slots, their Sneaky’s performance marked their debut headline with fans turning out in their numbers to show their support for the fledgling artist. A charismatic performance from the outset, there was a haunting stunned silence throughout the crowd for each track the duo broke in to. The warm tones of lead singer Stuart’s intoxicating vocal range wrapped everyone up in the overall delightfully positive duration of the performance. Hanging on every note and word that left the stage, the rich blend of powerhouse vocals with dynamic electronic melodies added not only further depth to each track but also created a buoyant breezy feel that you couldn’t help but get lost in.

With a promise of a new single on the horizon, their perfected polished performance encapsulated the entire crowd creating a sure confidence in everyone that VanIves have a true strain of individuality and sheer talent that can’t be matched. With a chant for one more tune and a collective sadness that the performance was over, the gig was finished – leaving everyone with an excitement of whats to come VanIves have solidified their place amongst some of Scotlands brightest new talent.

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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