Future Firsthand are back with a blissfully dreamy jaunt titled ‘Say The Word’. An emotive track from the outset, sweetly buoyant melodies intertwine with subtle percussion giving for a softly atmospheric single overall. A subtle mellow ambience is created with warm luring vocals drawing you further into the tracks honest  depths.

An underlying pulsing energy builds throughout ‘Say The Word’s’ duration, sweetly upbeat melodies form a hip swaying mellow feel. A dreamlike trip with a lot to offer, this sweetly sublime single combines intricate layers of delicate electronic tones with building drum rhythms and hazy guitar melodies with an overlay of delightfully cathartic vocals.

Coming into the tracks final minute we are given harmonising vocals that give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and a growing vibrant energy. Fading out with a building synth refrain and slowing drum rhythm you’ll be left with a want for more.

An exciting release from a bright new band that should be on everyone’s radar. Give ‘Say The Word’ a listen below and look out for future material from Futue Firsthand. A true rising talent.

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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