You’ve been in the studio recently, what can you tell us about your time in there?

Brad: Well we’ve got a lot of new songs which is quite exciting, we’re going to be putting a lot of new music out there. The main thing is, I just can’t wait for people to hear it cause it’s been a while now. It’s not necessarily a new sound I would say it’s just that we’ve grown so much as a band since our last releases, it’s just progression really.

Jarvis: We’ve been hoping to release the album for the last couple of years now so it’s nice to know that we’re gonna be releasing it soon, it’s like it’s all led up to this point

Have you got a favourite track from what you’ve recorded?

Elliott: It’s like every track suits a different mood your in so whatever mood you’re in on a particular day means you have a new favourite track

Brad: I love all the songs from the album though, I think they are all great

Tom: There’s no fillers anyway!

Brad: All killer no filler

You’ve just kicked off a UK tour, how’re you feeling about it?

Brad: Manchester was brilliant, a really good gig! It’s our first time playing in Edinburgh too, Scotland dates are always great gigs though, it’s rowdy!

Elliott: Fucking crazy people! In a good way though

Brad: We’re playing quite a small venue too so it’s gonna be tightly pack and hopefully mad!

Is there a standout date that you’re looking forward to?

Brad: Cardiff! That’s one of the shows that sold out first and we’re gonna know people down there as well

Tom: It’s friends and family as well so it’s just a nice gig all round

Elliott: To be fair I’m looking forward to all the dates on the tour, new places and new faces!

Brad: Apart from one, we haven’t played any of the venues on this tour before so yeah it’s all new which is really good. Like we said Manchester last night was really good, the crowd was mad

Tom: Yeah even with our new songs, the crowd embraced them as if they knew them already which created a really good vibe y’know. Obviously the new songs will be on the album and stuff so its nice to see people enjoying them already. They definitely show a progression from where we were to where we are now and hopefully we just keep progressing, we’ll all make sure that we do anyway!


For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, what can people anticipate from your live shows?

Brad: Loud! They are very exciting too, I want everyone to be musical hooligans in a cool way y’know. That’s what are fans are, musical hooligans. It’s always a good vibe as well, all the fans are great with each other even in the mosh pits and everyone looks out for each other, everyone just comes and has a good night. That’s what gigs are about though!
You kicked off 2018 with the NME Awards shows. What else do you have in store for this year?

Brad: We’ve got a festival coming up in June

Tom: We’ve got a lot of secret stuff planned as well that we can’t really mention just now

Jarvis: It’s really confidential

Brad: It’s massive as well…..

Jarvis: But we just can’t tell you! *laughs*

What would you say have been influencing factors on your current sound?

Brad: Recently we’ve just been in our own little bubble creating our own stuff and just getting on with it really cause I suppose we’ve got to that point now where we’ve been a band for so long that we’re just kinda immersed in our own music anyway

Elliott: We say so long but it’s been like what three years? That’s not that long

Brad: For us it feels like a lifetime!


Jarvis: Just turn it up loud, put loads of gain on it and crack on!

Brad: It’s just a very well thought out, ballsy sound really. Basically louder than any band that’s around just now, hopefully! It’s music that makes you want to go out and have a good time basically

Tom: It’s not loud cause we’re covering up mistakes or anything, it’s just loud music cause that’s the style y’know *laughs*

What’s the typical writing process for new releases?

Brad: I’ll write the song and then we’ll all get together and work it out to see who plays lead and add little bits and bobs individually

Jarvis: We’ll get like the chord structure and the lyrics and then we’ll just write around that really, sometimes we’ll just have a riff and we’ll structure a song around that too

Favourite artist and why?

For all of us it’s Morrissey, we just like his music, he’s a great artist. On his personal life and beliefs, no comment, we’re not getting involved


Brad: I love all types of music, every genre- I don’t really listen to just one particular artist. I like all the classics, Tina Turner – she’s got good songs and I like them! If it’s a good tune then it’s a good tune!

Favourite venue?

Brad: Sneaky Pete’s!

Tom: I like Tuts!

Brad: Every city has them two or three venues that are just logistic music venues, basically any venue that specialises in music is great! We love all of them

Musical guilty pleasure?

Brad: I don’t feel guilty listening to any music, then again this is biased but I think I have a good taste in music. If I’m really bored then even the Crazy Frog theme is a jam.

@ New Wave Testament 2018

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