Sun-soaked dreamy guitar melodies introduce us to a feel-good track – and SPINN’s debut EP – sustained by intertwining dynamic drum rhythms and hazy refrains, we’re gifted with an overall positively infectious single. A searing bass-line adds an underlying groove feel while frequent vocal harmonies give a light breezy air that draws you further into the tracks warm depths – aided further by the prominently growing light-hearted story behind the lyrics. Warm fuzzy melodies combined with a delightful pop edge aid in creating a colourful track that will be stuck in your head for days. A building energy leads us into the singles final thirty seconds where a single vibrant guitar refrain builds in pace alongside a pulsing drum beat. ‘She Takes Her Time’ is a brilliantly crafted pop track with a dreamlike hazy edge.

‘After Dark’ takes no time in introducing itself with a sunny jangly riff and a lively rhythmic drum beat – building to a full band ensemble of infectious melodies and a vibrant energy it will leave you hooked from the outset. The overall sunny disposition of ‘After Dark’ is met with lyrics that hold a cathartic air – bringing about an overall colourful feel, you’ll find yourself lost in its warm tones and driving jovial energy. Neatly packaged into just over three minutes ‘After Dark’ is a vibrant track with a darker drawing edge. Dropping to a slow sunny riff, the single builds back up with a punchy drum beat and serious groove inducing bass-line. Injections of distorted guitar tones add a fuzzy edge giving for an overall hazy feel.

‘Who You Are’ holds an upbeat jovial edge, the Cure-esque driving guitar melodies and grooving prominent bass line give for a captivating feel-good track. Holding a warmer fuzzy edge, this delightfully hazy pop track combines colourful percussion and buoyant vocals to create a sparkling nearly three minute short but sweet power trip that will have you wrapped up in its positively distinctive infectious energy. A catchy jaunt from beginning to end.

The fresh meat on the EP comes in the form of the final track ‘November’, taking a different direction than its predecessors the nearly six minute track is a mass of tempo changes, cathartic emotive lyrics, soaring vocals and echoing instrumentation to name but a few, in short it’s the definitive track from the EP. Holding a softer feel, the initial two minutes give us haunting distant synth melodies, echoing guitar refrains and mellow percussive elements, the main focus being lead singer Jonny’s dulcet vocals, telling an emotive tale of love, the lyrics and vocals become the forefront of the track. An emotive track from the outset, a building rolling drum rhythm introduces us to a powerhouse chorus of soaring vocals and propulsive percussion. A continuously growing energy gives for a driving bass line and colourful jangly riffs, a track that will give you that little warm fuzzy feeling inside. ‘November’ showcases SPINN’s talents at penning an eclectic range of tracks – a dynamic track overall, comprised of intricate layers of intertwining vivid melodies and compelling percussion. A distinctly sublime single.

A sheer high energy, compelling finish to a dynamic EP.

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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