Pure synth-pop pleasure – opening with lead singer Conor Joss’ sweet soaring vocals and soft dulcet piano chords, injections of vivid synth tones build an underlying colourful energy and give us a taste of what’s to come. An understated introduction to what could possibly be described as one of 2018’s best singles so far.

Starkly contrasting, rhythmic percussion intertwines with bold synth melodies creating a propulsive feel good track and solidifying LaKyoto’s defined power pop sound. A catchy energetic chorus pushes ‘Heart Beats Loud’ into the realms of a perfected pop release, setting themselves apart LaKyoto have given us a hook-laden cathartic power trip, neatly packaged into just short of four minutes.

Leaving you hooked from the outset, a blend of infectious melodies and vibrant energy combined with dynamic percussion gives for a captivating track. Fading out to distorted building vocals, Conor’s intoxicating vocal range becomes the forefront- heading into the final chorus, intricate layers of overlapping electronic melodies build a striking final thirty seconds. Another faultless release from the Edinburgh quartet, setting the mood for 2018 give ‘Heart Beats Loud’ a listen below.

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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