Stopping off at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele to round off an extensive U.K. Tour, Fickle Friends brought the place down with help from Macclesfield’s ‘Calypso Afro-Rock’ outfit Cassia.

An unmatchable wave of energy washed out over the crowd for the duration of Cassia’s set, a positively sunny fusion of tropical melodies, groove inducing bass-lines and buoyant drum rhythms left everyone hooked from the outset. With a driving vibrant energy present in each track they broke into, fans were wrapped up in their warm presence. With everyone positively enthralled with their set, clear fan favourites ‘Weekender’ and ‘Sink’ had everyone up and moving, lyrics toed and froed between frontman Rob Ellis and eager audience members. A band with a serious amount to offer, make sure you get out and catch them in a small setting while you still can.


Taking centre on a stage adorned with palm trees, Fickle Friends kicked off their set with fan favourite ‘Say No More’, its sweetly positive nature captivating the crowd. A wall of sound was created as fans sang their hearts out to each and every track they slid into,  at times softly harmonising with lead singer Natti. Her jovial energy being reciprocated with every crowd interaction- becoming a main driving point throughout each tracks duration. Breezily flowing through fan favourites ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘Cry Baby’ with their intertwining sparkling synth rhythms and prominent rolling bass-lines, the performance took a different direction with the inclusion of ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Hard To Be Myself’, still holding the summery underlying air of the Fickle Friends sound, a more emotion evoking edge could be felt throughout their duration. Making for a mesmeric vibe, made even more so by fans belting out the heartfelt lyrics. By the end of their set the whole venue was alive, leaving fans in awe they left the stage, a band who are truly on the path to great things.


All photos belong to Rory Barnes!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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