NASARI Photo Credit - Cahal Menzies 
SPINN Photo Credit - Lauren Jade Keir



Hazy indie act Nasari take the stage this Saturday at Edinburgh’s The Mash House. Combining sun-soaked melodies and fuzzy distortion to create driving vibrant tracks packing an honest lively punch. With a live persona to match they are undoubtedly one of Scotlands brightest fresh new bands. Their last Edinburgh show for a while, it’s more than worth getting along to see them in a small setting while you still can.

Check out an extract from an earlier interview below!

For anyone who is yet to discover Nasari, how would you describe your sound?

Finlay: Spacey, but catchy tunes with a driving rhythm section behind them giving it a punch

Josh: Well to be honest theres quite a few different sounds and styles we like to incorporate in our sound but I’d say we are an indie shoe-gaze band but also pretty punky

Cameron: It’s like shoegaze mixed with dream-pop mixed with punk which is quite weird I know but we don’t aim for a particular sound we just start writing and ride the wave till the songs sound perfect.

Dave: Shoegaze/noise with a lot of punk and indie-rock influenced sounds. That was a really difficult question to answer.

What inspires your style and sound overall?

Finlay: We all pull from different backgrounds which is a huge part, Cammy was hugely into funk drumming when I met him which I think you can hear in a few of our songs

Josh: Well we all have our own individual tastes and inspirations in music and when we all come together to write it really compliments the music

Cameron: I’d say our style is inspired by the music we listen to which spans loads of genres resulting in us getting loads of different inputs form each member of the band.

Dave: Vibes.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, what can people anticipate from your live shows?

Finlay: Extremely loud!

Josh: A lot of noise so bring earplugs and stay safe kids

Cameron: Loud!

Dave: Loud. Very fuckin’ loud.



Liverpool dreamers SPINN bring their brilliantly fun stage presence and persona to Scotland this weekend, showcasing their polished ensemble of infectious melodies and vibrant energy, they’ll have you hooked from the outset. A performance packed with punchy rhythms, groove inducing bass-lines and waves of distortion, they are a must see act. With a summer of festivals lined up and an EP coming out early April the time to get behind them is now.

Check out an extract from an earlier interview below!

Q/ For anyone who is yet to discover SPINN, how would you describe your sound?

A/ An average SPINN song sounds like a stir fry. Finely chop some The Cure, and some fermented scouse pop tunes, add a splash of bad haircuts and finally just a pinch of 1980’s pop music, toss into a hot pan with some mixed vegetables, sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha and quorn chicken pieces. Cook for through until it looks delicious and serve it up on a bed of fluffy basmati rice. Make sure you have some milk on hand though bc our tunes are pretty HOT.

Q/ What inspires your style and sound overall?

A/ I’d say we were very fashion conscious as a band, we know what we like to wear, but we’re not exactly fashionable. The standard SPINN look consists of Suit Pants or Baggy Jeans combined with white socks/doc martens and some kind of Jumper usually (just in case anybody wants to dress like us). Pair that with with either a big coat or some kind of slim fitting jacket and hey presto there’s what we like to dress like. Sometimes I shake it up by wearing a hat but that’s only when I’m feeling reckless 🙂

We used to say we were mods which was the worst thing ever but you know, gotta be honest haven’t I. Luckily we’re not influenced by any particular fashion movement anymore, we just dress how we like to dress.

Q/ What can fans anticipate from you guys coming into 2018?

A/ Definitely a lot more music, we have an EP coming out and everyone should go and stream because it makes us all feel nice knowing people actually care. I’m gonna say more tours and festival slots, gonna have some new merch coming out as well as soon as possible but should be v early next year. So if we’re in a town near you come on down and have a dance to our tunes, have a beer or two and just have a good time la that’s the whole point.



Edinburgh dreamy New-Wave trio MOTION open the night with tracks reminiscent of past New-Wave greats- they contain dulcet vocals that hold a cathartic air, intertwining with rhythmic drum beats and sparkling guitar melodies, they are the perfect sunny opener for the night. With an overall feel-good disposition they’ll be sure to have you instantly captivated.

It’s set to be a night that you don’t want to miss, make sure you grab tickets from the link below!


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