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If your music was a tinder bio, what would it say?

Liam: Young, Dumb and full of love!

You recently released your single ‘Chemistry’, how are you feeling about the reception it’s received so far?

Liam: We’re very happy, we’ve been fortunate enough for Spotify to pick it up and that’s really nice for a band like us, with us not having anyone behind us pushing our material. All of our stuff has been organic so having Spotify interested in our tracks means a whole lot more, an organisation like them judging it purely on the merit of the song it’s quite a compliment.

Kieran: It’s got a good reception, following in the footsteps of Psycho. Hopefully it continues, the feedback we’ve got so far has been quite good!

Liam: The beauty of it as well, is the amount of people getting on a Spotify playlist exposes you to. These people probably would never have heard your band before, so it’s just nice in that respect. Like you write songs for the benefit of others in a way, if you’re recording and releasing a song then you’re not writing it for yourself so hopefully it’s a continuing trend and people continue to feel some sort of connection with the songs I guess

What was the writing process behind ‘Chemistry’ and where did you draw inspiration from?

Liam: So I had the intro for about a year and I never felt like I knew where I wanted to go with it, I usually record parts I come up with on voice memos so I was listening back one day and something clicked. I penned the rest of the track from there and it probably took as long to write as it did to listen to but I always wanted a song that had a proper Foo Fighters sort of run up and I thought the intro fit well with the rest of the track I’d written so that was the process in a way. Inspiration for lyrics, I suppose it’s about two people being sort of quite dirty minded *laughs* and not really knowing why there’s some sort of connection there between them. I guess the song is my way of trying to explain how hard something like that is when it goes on


So as a band, where do you feel you draw inspiration from for your style and sound?

Liam: Probably The Strokes….

Kieran: I think a bit of everything really, we all listen to different bands and pull inspiration from different areas. We just dress like Catfish *laughs* we all listen to a mixture of music which I think is what’s good about it, we’re all drawing things from different places

Liam: I think if you had to bring it down to one thing though it would be The Strokes and there was a band from Edinburgh called The OK Social Club so definitely them as well, like I don’t think we would be a band if they hadn’t been around!

So you’re about to play your biggest headline show to date, what does that mean for you as a band?

Kieran: Amazing! I mean initially we were aiming for 400 tickets and that was sort of our mark and we shifted that quite soon on actually, it went from there and just now we’re sat on five hundred and seventy odd. It’s huge for us though, we never thought that we’d be pulling this sort of crowd. The last gig was The Mash House and that holds around 230 and just now we’re on more than double that which is good for a band like us.

Liam: Yeah it’s good for a band such as ourselves, we’ve only ever done one thing. So we’ve never changed the style of music that we do to try and fit in with a certain clique or anything. There’s a good Ian Brown quote actually and it’s – “It takes time for people to fall in love with you….. but its inevitable”. Realistically I think people give bands a hard time, saying that the band scene is dead and all that and I really don’t think it is. All I can say is that long may it continue, bands like us that shouldn’t necessarily be popular, being popular. We’ll definitely settle for that

So for anyone that hasn’t seen you live before, what can be anticipated from your live shows?

Kieran: I think when we first started we were quite boring, I’m not gonna lie. It’s quite lively now!

Liam: Energetic, between three/ three and half minute songs. Catchy songs I guess, probably just energy and more so than anything, just a real sense of belief from us in what we do. What I mean by that is, we sing about real shit that other people don’t necessarily sing about. So we believe in the things that we’re singing about, if I don’t care or believe in it then no one else is going to

Kieran: I think what’s good about the live shows is that were drawing in the same sort of crowd each time. People are invested and coming back to see us at each show, we’re picking up new fans along the way too and the presence is definitely growing at each gig we play.

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What’s been a standout moment from the past year?

Liam: Probably getting on Spotify playlists, I think I speak for all of us on that.

Kieran: I think as well, selling out our first Glasgow headliner. It’s not something we were expecting especially since it was on a Tuesday night. That’s definitely my standout moment!

Liam: The Spotify playlists is mine cause it’s validation in a way of everything we’ve been doing as a band, these people at Spotify are in the know and the fact that we’re getting included on these lists with bands that we grew up listening to is humbling and definitely the best thing for me

Your favourite artist and why?

Liam: The Strokes! My favourite artist at the minute is J. Cole though, for no other reason than I just like J. Cole


Kieran: Mines is J. Cole as well, I don’t listen to bands consistently for ages though cause I just end up getting bored so that’s a hard question for me to answer

What have you been listening to recently?

Liam: J. Cole! Marilyn Manson, Blue Rose Code, just sad songs really

Kieran: I’ve started going back to my teen years, well I mean I’m only twenty two *laughs* but like my early teen years, I’ve been listening to a lot of Paramore….

Liam: Oh it’s all coming out now


Kieran: I even had My Chemical Romance on the other day

Liam: To be fair My Chemical Romance is a shout

Kieran: I think I’ve been going back in time, going back to my Pop Punk phase

What’s your favourite venue?

Liam: Probably the National Bowl in Milton Keynes because Green Day filmed Bullet in a Bible there and it’s my favourite ever rockumentary

Kieran: Mine has to be The Liquid Rooms!

What’s next for Retro Video Club?

Liam: Expect to see us in a place near you soon

Kieran: Probably push the boundaries a bit, we’re looking to expand our horizons!

All photos belong to Rory Barnes

@New Wave Testament 2018

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