Photo Credit: Cahal Menzies

For anyone who is yet to discover Nasari, how would you describe your sound?

Finlay: Spacey, but catchy tunes with a driving rhythm section behind them giving it a punch

Josh: Well to be honest theres quite a few different sounds and styles we like to incorporate in our sound but I’d say we are an indie shoe-gaze band but also pretty punky

Cameron: It’s like shoegaze mixed with dream-pop mixed with punk which is quite weird I know but we don’t aim for a particular sound we just start writing and ride the wave till the songs sound perfect.

Dave: Shoegaze/noise with a lot of punk and indie-rock influenced sounds. That was a really difficult question to answer.

You recently released your single ‘Afterglow’, how’re you feeling about the reception it’s received so far?

Finlay: Really good! Its up to 2 and a half thousand streams on spotify in just over two weeks which is amazing to see!

Josh: It’s been so nice seeing the reception it’s received, people seem to be digging it which makes us all pretty happy

Cameron: I’d say I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed, it’s quite surreal seeing so many people enjoy and share our track.

Dave: To tell you the truth am well blown away by the reception, happy that the b-side Robyn’s Room is getting some decent reception too!

What was the writing process behind it and where did you draw inspiration from?

Finlay: We were listening to a lot of a DIIV etc at the time which is probably where the intertwining guitar lines came from, the heavy ending was quite impromptu I’d say, its very Nothing-esque

Josh: Well I brought in the idea to practice and we all jumped in on it and it just evolved from there overtime.

Cameron: I think it was Josh who came in with a riff and then Finlay threw his magic at it as well as Dave and I having our input. Afterglow has been through a few changes since we first played it. Personally for the drum parts I wanted something funky and danceable.

Dave: This question is probably better answered by Josh, what a can tell you is the song sounds a bit different from what it used to. Paul from 45 a-side made it sound well better.


For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, what can people anticipate from your live shows?

Finlay: Extremely loud!

Josh: A lot of noise so bring earplugs and stay safe kids

Cameron: Loud!

Dave: Loud. Very fuckin’ loud.

What inspires your style and sound overall?

Finlay: We all pull from different backgrounds which is a huge part, Cammy was hugely into funk drumming when I met him which I think you can hear in a few of our songs

Josh: Well we all have our own individual tastes and inspirations in music and when we all come together to write it really compliments the music

Cameron:  I’d say our style is inspired by the music we listen to which spans loads of genres resulting in us getting loads of different inputs form each member of the band.

Dave: Vibes.

What’s been a standout moment from the past year?

Finlay: It’s got to be supporting the daddies in Peach Pit!

Josh: Probably playing with Peach Pit, I’ve been a fan of them for a long time and getting to play with them was just a great feeling

Cameron: Getting our lovely manager Robyn on board

Dave: Our headline gig was un-fuckin-real. The fact we started that year playing our first gig to 10 people to ending it on a headline gig, couldnae believe it man. And of course our lovely manager Robyn helping us throughout this year and last.


 Your favourite venue?

Finlay: Sneaky Pete’s!

Josh: Aw definitely Sneaky Pete’s it’s like a second home

Cameron: Favourite venue we’ve played is probably Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh but my personal favourite has to be Priory because its a pure sweatbox eventhough I can barely stand up in there

Dave: Sneaky Pete’s for me, although after going to see The Cribs at King Tuts I would love to get a spot there. We’re coming for you Glasgow!

What can people look forward to from Nasari throughout the rest of 2018?

Finlay: Loads of gigs and maybe even some new music

Josh: More music coming out this year we have our headline gig on the 31st of March with SPINN and Motion at The Mash House and some other exciting stuff we can’t talk about yet, so keep a look out

Cameron: Just keep your eyes peeled, that’s all I’ll say

Dave: A lot more gigs outside Edinburgh and more sick tunes to be released.

Your favourite artist and why?

Finlay:  Daniel Blumberg, his first album with Yuck was super important for me and his Hebronix project is incredible, my guitar playing draws a lot from his works

Josh: Just now I’d have to say soccer mommy can’t stop listening

Cameron: At this point in time it’s probably Peach Pit, I just love all their songs, they tell stories in the music and Chris’ guitar playing is insanely mesmerising. Supporting them and seeing them live cemented that opinion.

Dave: Fidlar – Never heard anything like em. Can really relate to their tunes.

What are you currently listening to?

Finlay: I’ve been on a Smashing Pumpkins kick again, as well as the new tracks from ST.MARTiiNS and The Ninth Wave!

Josh: Quite a few things at the moment like Rejjie Snow’s new album Dear Annie, and The Ninth Wave New Kind of Ego.

Cameron: Two bands I’m really into right now are Pity Sex and Ceremony.

Dave: I’ve Been listening to a lot of Fat White Family recently – Breaking Into Aldi is a pure bop and a half.

@ New Wave Testament 2018




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