Cover Photo By: Niall Lea //
Single Artwork By: Ventral Is Golden

Manchester’s dreamy tropical quartet Larkins have released their brand new single ‘Something Beautiful’. A sparkling hook laden ride from beginning to end, it combines sunny riffs and dynamic percussion, getting you ready for festival season and leaving it stuck in your head for days.

Opening with a searing groove bass line and vivid electronic refrain, we’re introduced to lead singer Josh’s smooth vocals, intertwining with colourfully rich melodies you’ll find yourself lost in the tracks just over three minute duration. With an instant feel-good factor it will make a stellar addition to their live set.

Dropping out to stand alone soft vocals, a mellow edge becomes present in ‘Something Beautiful’ – bursting back in with a glittering synth refrain and prominent percussion, a building energy can be felt throughout the track’s final minute. A hazy riff combined with harmonising vocals leads us into fading instrumentation – as the single draws to a close we are left with a want for more.

A stellar track from a band making waves throughout the UK’s music scene, proving their talents at penning catchy vibrant tracks ‘Something Beautiful’ will be the song of everyone’s summer.

Give ‘Something Beautiful’ a listen below…

You can catch Larkins at Broadcast, Glasgow on April 14th with support from Noah Noah and Long-Distance!


Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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