If your music was a tinder bio what would it say?

Moss: I’m just sleeping around, I’m pretty easy


John: Funk, Soul, Jazz, Blues. Easy does it

You recently released your single ‘Bringin’ Me Down’, how’re you feeling about the reception it’s received so far?

Kit: It’s been pretty amazing so far

John: It’s good to have music you’re actually proud of, like before the recording quality was a bit shaky on the EP that we put out last year so to work with Mark Morrow was great he just totally got our sound and where we wanted to go with it. He made us sound much better than we actually are *laughs*

Kit: It’s a much more professional sound, one of our uni lecturers gave it a love heart reaction which made us feel like we made it

Moss: Yeah, we got a lot of love from the likes of Tenement TV and other platforms so it was nice to be recognised by platforms that artists we love and listen to have been featured on.


What was the writing process behind ‘Bringin’ Me Down’ and where did the inspiration come from?

Kit: I think it came primarily from myself, Moss and I worked on the lyrics which overall consider cheating within relationships and the song kind of explores how cheating happens and the effects of it afterwards but as far as the writing process goes I guess the lyrics were the first thing to be done and they were co-wrote between myself and Moss

Moss: Yeah you wrote most of it, you came to me with verses and we sorted a structure, I wrote chorus chords and then we collectively wrote chorus lyrics from then we just played it through continuously in rehearsal until we felt okay with the structure then we looked at which bits would fit best where so in regards to transitions and solos. It becomes a group effort from there

John: It’s like a distilling process, it comes in a bit messy…

George: And in fifteen years’ time it’s actually worth something


So, you’re finishing up a Scottish Headline tour, what’s been a standout moment?

Lewis: I think it’s the guy mooning us in Aberdeen

George: Yeah, we played to like five people in Aberdeen, I’m the only one from Aberdeen so five of my pals came out to see us and there was just this one guy who was dancing from the very beginning of our set, never seen him before and he decided to take his trousers down halfway through one of the songs and moon us

Kit: He was on Facebook live from when we loaded in to when we loaded out after our set, he was probably there for about five and a half hours

George: You never know he might go away and tell his friends how great of a time he had and then there will be an army of bare arses next time we’re there.

John: One for each of us!



For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, what can people anticipate from your live shows?

Moss: Lots of energy, we get told a lot that we look like we are enjoying ourselves on stage and that’s because we are. Yeah, we like to get people moving and grooving, we’re generally trying to have that connection with the audience so we can try and get everyone to have as good a time as possible because at the end of the day that’s why any of us do it. Also, that’s why anyone comes to a gig too, to enjoy themselves.

John: Like a lot of bands pure have their stage persona and they think they’re rock stars or whatever but we’re just ourselves, if everyone is having a good time then that’s all we care about and in turn we’ll be having a good time too.

Moss: I think we’re just looking to make something that we know will make us proud but will also just let the audience have fun and let loose, I think that’s our main aim.

What’s been a standout moment from the past year?

Lewis: Playing in France probably, in summer we got an opportunity through our university which meant we could go out and play in France alongside bands from all over Europe. It was just an amazing week

George: It was basically a holiday with a gig at the end!

John: New Year was pretty cool as well with The Vegan Leather, we got to play alongside Vistas too and they are both bands that are definitely going great places. So being on a bill with them felt kind of real and it was just really cool to start off a year like that, it acts as like a milestone/stepping stone in a way and then you’re like fuck well by next New Year I want to be here which I think is a good way to look at it.


Who is your favourite artist and why?

Lewis: I’m gonna steal it before anyone else does and say Vulfpeck because I love them and I saw them in September and they were phenomenal, they are just a great band.

George: I’m gonna say Victor Wooten, he’s a bass virtuoso and he makes me want to be better every time I listen to him, he makes me want to make music with my pals that’s better every time I listen to him too.

Kit: If we’re going off people who inspire you to be better then I’d probably say John Martyn based on his guitar playing

John: In terms of guitar playing I would say Nile Rodgers because he’s just cool as fuck and with everything he does he always manages to just give it that wee bit of magic, every artist he’s worked with and every song he’s produced is just so ridiculously good

Moss: I’m going to say Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy, he’s a keys player for them but he also does his own stuff under Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles. There’s this solo in a Snarky Puppy track called Lingus that you can see on YouTube and it’s just next level man, there’s no other way to describe it and then I saw an interview with him after they’d recorded that and he’s just like ‘aw yeah so I’m just sort of starting to understand improvisation a bit more’


Moss: He’s a guy that thousands of people around the world look to for guidance, he’s pushing the boundaries of solos and he’s still saying that he’s at the beginning of his journey. Also, just how much he looks like he’s enjoying himself on stage too which relates back to what we were saying earlier and is something that I think is so important to be a musician. So yeah, I look up to him a lot as a keys player.

What are you currently listening to?

Kit: Uhm just as a bit of a blast from the past I was listening to Ben Howard the other day

George: Kit recently showed me Declan McKenna and I’ve been listening to him a lot recently!

Lewis: The guys recommended Shamir – On the regular, to me recently and I’ve been listening to that nonstop since, it’s basically a lo-fi dance number

Moss: I’ve recently been listening to a track called ‘Too Much I’m in Love’ by a Glaswegian artist called Peter Skellern who my dad introduced me to. I think it’s such a beautiful brilliantly written song and it’s kind of one of those tracks that rests on the same drum groove the whole way through, the changes in it are really nice and warming. I want to write a song like that for Easy, a slow 6/8 one or one that’s a bit more emotional and evoking that side of the audience instead of lets just get up and dance. Something like ‘Lately’ by Stevie Wonder as well, something a bit more ballady, A tear jerker *laughs*

John: I’ve been listening to a lot of Electronic stuff lately, like Seven Lions and Madeon. They just have really really nice clean production and great vocal hooks. It’s reminded me how important it is to have a part to your songs that everyone will have stuck in their heads. It’s all about the hook

Your favourite venue?

Lewis: I’m a big fan of Sneaky Pete’s, I love the sound when we play there and maybe because it’s such a small stage it has a homely feel too!

John: Yeah, a really high-quality sound and its really cosy and intimate

Kit: I really like Stereo in Glasgow, that’s really good for its sound too. I’ve never played it in a band setting only a solo one but I would say it’s my favourite venue.

George: I really like the o2 Academy in Glasgow too, I saw Enter Shikari there and it’s an old theatre so it feels really cool in there

Moss: I love Candelriggs in Glasgow, I’ve not been to many gigs there but it’s a really cool venue and just like your classic big long halls, high ceilings and historical settings. A good sound too!

What’s next for Easy?

Kit: We’ve got a lot of good stuff coming up, we’ll be finishing up the tour in Glasgow….

Moss: Yeah, finishing up the tour and then we’ve got new music too, we have a new track coming out in April and we’ll be having a launch night for that in Edinburgh

John: We’ll be looking to play more places in Scotland too, Dunfermline, Inverness and even down to England, we’re working with Off Axis on that!

Moss: Also, small or maybe big chance that we’ll be heading back to Europe this summer too. So that might be on the cards

Kit: Mostly, what everyone will have to look forward to is a lot of new music, we’ve got a good backlog of tunes so we’ll be getting them out!

Give Easy’s latest single ‘Bringin’ Me Down’ a listen below!

@New Wave Testament 2018

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