A crunchy guitar riff and powerhouse lively drum rhythm from Kieran Burt leads us into ‘Chemistry’. Coarse vocals from lead singer Liam become a forefront force to be reckoned with throughout the tracks three and a half minute duration.

A short but sweet power trip from beginning to end, ‘Chemistry’ combines propulsive percussion with a rolling bass line to pack an overall high octane punch – creating an underlying driving energy throughout. A catchy track from the outset, ‘Chemistry’ will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for days.

Dropping to a simplistic refrain, bursts of tenacious full band instrumentation lead us into the singles final thirty seconds. A building pressing air becomes a prominent factor as sparkling riffs and hooks that will leaving you wanting more drive the track to a close.

‘Chemistry’ leaves us excited for what Retro Video Club have in store for us throughout 2018. Make sure you get along and catch them at their biggest headline show to date at The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh on February 23rd. With support from Whitehill Grove, Dancing On Tables and The Bright Skies. Tickets are £7 and available here –

Give ‘Chemistry’ a listen below…


Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018


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