Jangly hazy riffs introduce us to a distant breezy single. Neatly packaged into just over four minutes, rhythmic percussion intertwines with sun-soaked melodies while injections of soft electronic rhythms add further depth to the single overall.

Picking up pace into the chorus we are met with fuzzy distorted refrains aiding in giving the feel of an overall up-beat single with a darker drawing cathartic edge. Sweetly dulcet vocals carry the track throughout, swaying detached alongside growing lively instrumentation.

A building vibrant energy is present throughout the final minute of ‘Afterglow’ with a pulsing drum beat and sparkling riff, distorted airy vocals push the track to its close. Fading out we are left with a want for more.

A sparkling polished debut from one of Scotland’s brightest up and coming acts, ‘Afterglow’ leaves us excited for future material from the Edinburgh quartet.

Give ‘Afterglow’ a listen below…

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

Single Artwork By – Ewan Mackie

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