A distant breezy feel introduces us to emotive vocals and a sweetly simplistic guitar melody. Injections of warm harmonic vocals add further depth to the single while delightful reflective lyrics talk of lead singer James’ newborn niece with a touching guidance style.

A dynamically compelling track from the outset, captivating soft melodies intertwine with a colourful percussive element and haunting electronic tones to create an innocent and calming visual element, giving further light to the singles overall meaning.

Coming into the tracks final minute we are met with a starkly contrasting burst of vibrant drum rhythms and fuzzy guitar riffs, while the hazy gang vocal style that we’ve come to love from Marsicans becomes the forefront of the single. Fading out with a repetition of “Wake Up Freya” we are left with a want for more. Marsicans have proven again their talents at penning diverse delightfully catchy tracks and have given us a taste of what’s to come in 2018.

Give ‘Wake Up Freya’ a listen below….

Photo Credit: Robbie Jay Barratt

You can catch Marsicans at The Garage Attic, Glasgow on March 7th with support from Vistas and Indigo Velvet!



Kitt @ New Wave Testament

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