SPINN kick off their New Year with a sparkling brand new track titled ‘After Dark’, it’s everything you’ve been needing and more.

‘After Dark’ takes no time in introducing itself with a sun soaked jangly riff and a lively pulsing drum beat – building to a full band ensemble of infectious melodies and a vibrant energy it will leave you hooked from the outset.

The overall sunny disposition of ‘After Dark’ is met with lyrics that hold a cathartic air – bringing about an overall colourful feel, you’ll find yourself lost in its warm tones and driving jovial energy. Neatly packaged into just over three minutes ‘After Dark’ is a vibrant track with a darker drawing edge.

Dropping to a slow sunny riff, the single builds back up with a punchy drum beat and serious groove inducing bass-line. Injections of distorted guitar tones add a fuzzy edge giving for an overall hazy feel. Another stellar release from a band you should all be keeping a look out for

Check out ‘After Dark’ below….

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2018

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