Describe The Motion Poets in three words?

Grunge, Indie, Punk

What can people anticipate from your live shows?

Struan: A bit of everything I suppose, there’s a lot of different styles and stuff thrown into our sets

Jonah: Live we are definitely heavier than the single that we’ve got out at the minute suggests. We’ve got a few live videos online that are a bit more representative. The current single was the lightest and popiest thing we had, we thought we would try for the main stream appeal but it’s much angrier when you come down and meet us in person *laughs*

Morgan: It’s kind of a good summary of where we are now, we tweaked the songs quite a bit and we’ve written quite a few new songs as well which are going in a different direction so I think ‘One Too Many’ was a good representation of where we were at the time.

How are you feeling about the reception your single ‘One Too Many’ received overall?

Struan: Yeah it was really great, a good few people jumped on it which was comforting. No one knew of us before we released that and we had some great support from platforms like Amazing Radio and Scotland On Sunday. It’s definitely good to know that we’re doing something right!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your style and sound?

Struan : I think it’s a very mixed bag, each of us individually have very sort of unique influences. What turned out in the end was sort of a big mixture of everything. A few influences each would be:

Euan: I guess for my drumming it would be Circa Waves second album

Jonah: For me it would be a band called Pile

Morgan: For Bass Lines I look to early noughties bands such as Interpol, I love their stuff and their bass lines

Struan: For me it would be bands like Modest Mouse, Johnny Marr for his guitar playing as well. As well as Nineties Alternative stuff like Nirvana and Alice in Chains.

What do you think is more important for emerging bands, a strong live presence or a back catalogue of material?

Struan: Definitely a strong live presence

Euan: I think that’s a difficult question to answer because you kinda need both to be honest. When it comes down to it though even if you have got a good catalogue of material, if someone comes down to your gig and you’re not that great they’re gonna come away with a bad view of your band. So I would probably have to go with live performance

Jonah: You need the catalogue to get people along to your gigs but you need the gigs to get people to actually listen to your releases and come and see you again.

What are you currently listening to?

Jonah: J Cole, quite a bit of rap. Jazz too, I listen to a lot of Jazz

Morgan: I’ve been listening to Suuns, they are sort of a dark electronic band

Struan: I’ve been listening to a lot of Modest Mouse, to go back to that again

What’s your favourite venue?

Jonah: In Glasgow definitely King Tuts, over here though I would say La Belle

Morgan: I quite like Nice ‘N’ Sleazy in Glasgow too

Jonah: Stereo as well!

Struan: It’s quite nice sometimes as well to play places that people wouldn’t usually think of, like Banshees Labyrinth in Edinburgh is a really good venue too. I think it’s good for bands to play venues which people wouldn’t normally think of

Your favourite artists and why?

Jonah: I probably don’t have an exact favourite artist to be honest because it changes and shifts, the influence moves

Euan: I used to be a huge fan of Catfish and the Bottlemen but their second album is not very good

Struan: I think for me I would say Elvis Costello is my favourite artist, I grew up with a sort of punky background. I like his song writing style too

Morgan: I don’t really have one at the moment because the lead singer of my favourite band has just recently disgraced himself so I’m in a bit of a void at the moment *laughs*

If you could tour with any artist dead or alive, who would you pick?

Morgan: Queen

Jonah: I don’t know if we’d fit with Queen, or if we have the stage production for it but I think Nirvana would be fun. I’d love to tour with Hendrix if we’re talking dead artists but if we’re talking alive I would say Band of Skulls because they seem really down to earth. I reckon they are pretty chill on tour these days

If you could be any breed of dog which one would you be?

Jonah: I wouldn’t be a collie cause they are just too intelligent and they go a bit nuts, I think that would be kinda torturous. I wouldn’t be a Labrador because I’ve got one and he’s as thick as a plank *laughs* I met a Springer Spaniel the other day and that was a nice dog so I think I’m gonna go with that! They are like medium sized so you wouldn’t get kicked across the room and I also wouldn’t scare the kids


Euan: We’re all Spaniels lets go for that!

Struan: I’d love to be a German Shepherd, they are great dogs. A Jack Russell though, I could just go around biting peoples ankles

What is next for The Motion Poets?

Struan: So in November we spent a couple of days recording singles with Mark Morrow and I think we are going to hold on to them until the New Year. We’ve got quite a few gigs booked for the start of the New Year some local and some which are a bit further away, places we’ve not been before, we’ll be heading down to England too

Euan: Yeah there’s been talks of a tour in England, a good support tour

Jonah: There’s some things in the pipeline definitely, we’re going to get stuck back into the writing and get some new material so we can look at putting an EP together. We’ll hopefully get something together but it won’t be till some point a bit later in 2018 because we haven’t started recording anything for it yet.

@ New Wave Testament 2018

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