Q/ Describe Fabric Bear’s sound in three words?

A/ Loud, Fuzzy and Melodic

Q/ ‘Rogue Wave’ is the first single to mark the start of a new set of material from Fabric Bear, what can people anticipate before listening to your new material?

A/ A big step in our maturity as a band, compared to when we first set out. Our material now genuinely sounds like a different band, when we recorded our first material which was nearly two years ago, we were going through line-up changes. Obviously in two years you find a lot of different influences from different experiences and places. It’s been a big change and I definitely think that its a lot better now.

Q/ What’s been the writing process behind your new material, where did the inspiration come from?

A/ During the summer we went into our rehearsal room for around two months or so and we just wrote loads of songs because we found ourselves going through a healthy songwriting stage at that time. Inspiration for ‘Rogue Wave’ in particular came from a lot of San Francisco bands such as the Oh Sees, Ty Segall  and Wand – Meatbodies as well, they are our top four bands.

Q/ Since your formation where have you found yourselves drawing inspiration from for your style and sound?

A/ For style I don’t think we’ve ever cared that much about our style, that hasn’t factored into the band yet, we’ve not had that conversation where we sit down and say ‘we all need to dress like this’. For inspiration we just try to sit and write a good amount of songs each month that are all influenced by different interests each month. Our latest one ‘Rogue Wave’ was the best of the bunch at the time.

Q/ There was a bit of a gap between the release of your previous single ‘Second Kind’ and recent release ‘Rogue Wave’, what have you guys been up to in that time?

A/ Mostly playing gigs and finding our sound as a band, writing a lot of new music too which you’ll undoubtedly be hearing a lot of in 2018.

Q/ What’s been a standout moment from 2017?

A/ Getting in the studio with Johnny and Chris down at 7 West Studios, we had a lot of fun in the studio with them especially when you heard the songs coming along and getting better throughout the whole process. It was an amazing feeling. You know what I would say actually – getting amazing feedback on songs before they’ve been released from interesting people that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Q/ For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, what can they anticipate from your set?

A/ Come and see for yourselves!

Q/ What are you currently listening to?

A/ I’ve been listening to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, they are a pretty crazy band from Australia

Q/ Your favourite venue?

Ryan: The Priory definitely

Charlie: Yeah from the gigs we’ve played I would say Priory too but from venues overall I would say the o2 ABC

Q/ Your favourite artist and why?

Ryan & Charlie: Oh Sees – Mental, Beautiful, Inspiring

Q/ Your best fan experience?

Ryan: Meeting Alex Turner, he’s my favourite lyricist

Charlie: Recently I saw Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins, he’s been a big inspiration of mine for a long time. I would say that’s my favourite.

Q/ What can people anticipate from you in 2018?

A/ Two or three songs out before the summer, a lot of shows and hopefully a tour!


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