The first instalment of our 2018 Ones To Watch feature sees us catch up with Liverpool based quartet SPINN to talk their latest single, their first U.K. Tour, the high and lows of 2017 and what’s to come in 2018!

Q/ For anyone who is yet to discover SPINN, how would you describe your sound? 

A/ An average SPINN song sounds like a stir fry. Finely chop some The Cure, and some fermented scouse pop tunes, add a splash of bad haircuts and finally just a pinch of 1980’s pop music, toss into a hot pan with some mixed vegetables, sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha and quorn chicken pieces. Cook for through until it looks delicious and serve it up on a bed of fluffy basmati rice. Make sure you have some milk on hand though bc our tunes are pretty HOT.

Q/ You recently released the single ‘She Takes Her Time’, how’re you feeling about the reception it’s received so far? 

A/ It’s doing really well, and I think it had more listens in its first week than any of our other tunes. I think that’s a good sign, I mean we got a load of tweets about it when it came out which has never happened before so yeah I think the reception its had has been great and by the looks of things is only gonna get better with time.

Q/ What was the writing process behind it, where did you draw inspiration from? 

A/ We’ve had the tune for ages it was originally just gonna be a little opener for other songs and was about 30 seconds long. Me and Andy thought it had more potential though so we got together and gave it a rework, and alas She Takes Her Time was born. In terms of musical influence on the song it has a lot going on, believe it or not its actually really influenced by The Velvet Underground, and we’re nowhere near cool enough to even say their name, I feel like I’ve done something bad, people who own record stores will be burning our pictures because of that comparison, I’m sorry.

Lyrically its a love song, I mean we’re young what else are we meant to write about without it sounding contrived? We come from suburban Liverpool, we haven’t experienced anything that cool yet, that’s what the band is for m8. Anyway as Paul McCartney said ‘some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and whats wrong with that? I’d like to know’ so that’s my justification

Q/ What inspires your style and sound overall? 

A/ I’d say we were very fashion conscious as a band, we know what we like to wear, but we’re not exactly fashionable. The standard SPINN look consists of Suit Pants or Baggy Jeans combined with white socks/doc martens and some kind of Jumper usually (just in case anybody wants to dress like us). Pair that with with either a big coat or some kind of slim fitting jacket and hey presto there’s what we like to dress like. Sometimes I shake it up by wearing a hat but that’s only when I’m feeling reckless 🙂

We used to say we were mods which was the worst thing ever but you know, gotta be honest haven’t I. Luckily we’re not influenced by any particular fashion movement anymore, we just dress how we like to dress.

Q/ You recently finished up a UK tour, how was it? What was a standout date/moment from the tour? 

A/ It was our first proper tour, and it was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done, its what I used to day dream about in school it sounds boring being in a van driving down the motorway for hours but it’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and likewise with the rest of the band.The Van is a dream come true. I mean I know loads of other bands in Liverpool who would kill to go on tour so if were playing to 12 people or if were playing to 200 its what we want to do and we’re lucky that people actually want to hear us. We know its not exactly a Stadium Tour with The Rolling Stones, we just sit in a cold van drinking beer and chatting wham with Troy and Sam (Our Tour Managers),  but who knows maybe one day we’ll be doing the same on a Yacht #RockAndRoll

I’d say the stand out date was definitely supporting Belako in London, we all love London and it was a great gig, Belako are super nice as well they knew we had a long drive home so basically gave us a lot of beer and wine for the journey we were v happy SPINN boys. I don’t know why it was so stand out, just a great atmosphere, everyone was dead friendly and the crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves. We also went to a house party in Newcastle which was really surreal we didnt know anybody, ate all their food and left. They had a proper DJ but he wouldn’t play Rock DJ by Robbie Williams (our tour anthem) so idk if he was actually a real DJ, who knows we will probably never meet him again.

Q/ What do you like and dislike about being on tour?

A/ One thing I didn’t like about tour was the fact that I barely slept, we were in the van and despite copious amounts of leg room it was hard to sleep sitting up, there’s nothing like your own bed and boy did I miss my bed. We always got back at like 5 AM so even when I did get my own bed I was woken up by my brother and sister getting ready for school at about 7 AM, so we were very tired all the time!

Q/  Do you have a particular venue that you enjoy playing?

A/ The Magnet in Liverpool always feels like home to us, we’ve played all of our best gigs there and had our first gigs with bands we’ve went on to be really good mates with like Violet Youth and Echo Beach, its just a gaff that’s full of good memories, like that time I got mumps from Adam (the singer in Forrest) and played a headliner there I looked like Marlon Brando in the godfather, (you know with the big cheeks, that’s what I was going for there), all the photos had to be took from my non swollen side.  It was also where our first sold out show happened and everyone in the audience was having a boss time. SO yeah, The Magnet will always be our favorite venue.

Q/ What can fans anticipate from you guys coming into 2018? 

A/ Definitely a lot more music, we have an EP coming out and everyone should go and stream because it makes us all feel nice knowing people actually care. I’m gonna say more tours and festival slots, gonna have some new merch coming out as well as soon as possible but should be v early next year. So if we’re in a town near you come on down and have a dance to our tunes, have a beer or two and just have a good time la that’s the whole point.

Q/ Your favourite artist and why?

A/ I cant choose a favorite artist that’s such a hard question, generally speaking though I like folky kinda stuff, Father John Misty and Big Thief have really stood out for me this year. Loyle Carner is probably one of my other faves from this year, I’m really into his stuff. But generally speaking I don’t really have a favorite artist it changes everyday, today its The Drums, yesterday it was John Lennon. It’s just one of them m8 who knows the answer? not me 🙂

Q/  Favourite 2017 album? 

A/ Can’t really chose 1 so here’s 5 I really enjoyed

King Krule – The Ooz

Big Thief – Capacity

Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone

Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN

Q/ Worst moment of 2017?

A/ 2017 has been a bit of a shit show and shambles hasn’t it really, but I’m gonna be optimistic and talk about my favorite memory of 2017, which was when we went to Amsterdam this summer and we we’re sat in the sunshine on Museum Square with a big group of our friends eating sushi and having a few beers, heavenly.

My worst moment was probably at about 20 past 12 on the first of January when I had to go to bed early on NYE bc I had a stomach bug, everyone thought I was pissed as well, I managed a Jack Daniels and Coke and A Heineken before I spewed. Awful.

Q/ What’s going to be a 2018 goal?

A/ The goal for 2018 is to keep improving and keep growing and learning, we all just want to see how far the band can go and hopefully this time next year I’ll still be saying the same thing albeit with a bit more experience under my belt and maybe a few more people wearing SPINN tee shirts as Pyjamas. Who knows what will happen.

Check out SPINN’s latest single ‘She Takes Her Time’ below! 

@ New Wave Testament 2017

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