A propulsive driving track, ‘In Your Head’ opens with gritty vocals and a simplistic drum beat before a high octane distorted riff kicks off the tracks building pressing energy. Combining the feelgood factor of abundant bold refrains and dynamic percussion we are given the continuously pressing feeling of a feelgood track with an underlying tenacious factor. While injections of electronic tones and effects add a further colourful edge giving for a complexly layered track conveying an angst driven approach to the lyrics and overall idea of the single.

A prominent dark bass-line carries the track throughout its duration, pushing it further towards the grittier end of the indie spectrum. Dropping to a bright synth refrain, striking vocals build above a rolling drum rhythm. Vivid sparkling  melodies lead us into the tracks final minute where a slowed down rewind and distorted layered vocals give for one final run through of the tracks chorus before ending abruptly.

Overall ‘In Your Head’ is a high energy power trip from beginning to end, with a darker edge it will have you lost in its intertwining layers of compelling melodies, dynamic percussion and bold vocals. It leaves us excited for future material from High Tyde.

Give ‘In Your Head’ a listen below!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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