Q/ If your music was a Tinder bio, what would it say? 

A/ Oh my gosh! It would be Tropical, long walks on the beach *laughs* I don’t use Tinder so I don’t know how you would form a bio but I would say a nineteen year old, South London boy who enjoys Netflix, makes Tropical Indie-Pop and I’d maybe add a few emoji’s, potentially just some balloon emoji’s. I don’t know, is that good enough?

Q/ So you’re three dates into the tour with Bad Sounds, any standout moments/ dates you’re looking forward to? 

A/ Yeah we’re looking forward to tonight as it’s our first time in Edinburgh and we’ve done Glasgow before and that’s like one of our favourite places. On the last tour that was the best show of the tour so we’re hoping Edinburgh is just as fun. We’re wanting to get out and hopefully see a bit of Edinburgh while we’re here too. Obviously London is always fun for us too because we’ve got friends and family that come down to see us. It’s been fun so far!


Q/ You released your Wildlife EP earlier this year, how are you feeling about the reception it’s received overall? 

A/ Yeah wicked! I think I released it…. Ah it feels like ages ago now! I think it was March so seven months ago and we’ve been going off the same single for a while. Although it does mean that when we play live shows everyone already knows majority of the tunes we play, there’s not a lot of unreleased stuff in the set so it’s nice to listen to everyone singing along to the tracks off that EP and I’m just really proud of the EP as a whole, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Q/ What’s your favourite track from the EP? 

A/ Nature is my favourite because it’s fun to play live and it’s the most afro-infused one which is what I try and go for mostly, it’s the track that turned out most how I wanted it.


Q/ What have you been up to since releasing your EP? 

A/ Well we haven’t been playing many shows over the summer because I basically took about five or six months out to write and squeeze in some travelling, I tried to take a little bit of a break. So yeah, I’ve just been collaborating with a lot of different producers and now we’re slowly getting back into live shows and I’m still writing and producing for the new release that is coming next year.

Q/ What are you currently listening to? 

A/ I’m really boring because at the moment all I’ve been listening to is Podcasts, it’s all I’ve been listening to in the van. Music wise though I really like the new Jessie Ware album, there’s a girl called Amber Mark and I really like her music too!

Q/ Towards the end of the year you’ll be heading in to finish your new release, what can you tell us about it just now? 

A/ Well it’s not at the end of the year anymore, it’s been pushed back but I did say November online though so I think I’ve confused people *Laughs*. There was just a few complications with releasing so that’s why we’ve pushed it back, the turn around would have been cutting into Christmas so it wouldn’t have really worked. So we’re gonna wait till the New Year and put it out around February.

Q/ Can you tell us anything about the track itself? 

A/ If it’s the one I think it’s gonna be – It’s still all up in the air a little bit, but I’ve been reproducing it and it was a track I wrote about a year and a half ago. I had it finished and everyone was really happy with it but I wasn’t happy with the production so I kinda left it alone for a year and then reproduced it with someone new. Then I took it and reproduced it myself and then I got someone in again to reproduce the track with me. So it’s definitely been a long time coming, third time lucky or maybe fifth time lucky?! We’ve been playing it live for around a year now and everyone seems to really like it which is nice.

Q/ What’s been a standout moment from the past year? 

Even though you’ve taken six months off! 

A/ Yeah I guess releasing the EP was a nice point for me, it feels like a strong point for me to be at cause I’ve got four tracks out in a format I’m happy with. Also, I know it shouldn’t matter but on Spotify the five most popular tracks on my artist page are all at over a million streams which is a satisfying point for me to be at just now.  *Laughs*

Q/ If you were a breed of dog, what breed would you be? 

A/ A Great Dane without a doubt, just big and clumsy!

Q/ Whats your favourite venue? 

A/ Well I only really go to venues in London to watch gigs so KOKO is probably my favourite and probably like King Tuts when we were on tour last time, it’s got a nice vibe and good Macaroni Cheese!

Q/ A standout fan experience? 

A/ Well I had a really bad experience with…. I like One Direction – a lot *Laughs* They are definitely a guilty pleasure. Anyway, I was on a plane back from New York and one of them was on the same plane as me, I think it was Zayn or something. So I tweeted when I got off the plane because I thought it was funny, I was like ‘Awww Harry Styles was on my plane – man of the people’ – I thought it was a funny tweet! I fell asleep on the journey home because of the jet-lag and when I woke up twenty minutes later I had 10,000 twitter notifications because a One Direction fan account had leaked it or something. Their fans were all tweeting about how it was Zayn not Harry and how I was stupid – yeah my phone blew up with it and it crashed my twitter.

You were bullied by One Direction fans?! 

A/ Yeah I was basically bullied by One Direction fans! I didn’t know what to do, they were all telling me how I’d tweeted it to draw attention to myself, it was crazy. They were savage, that was my first insight into a truly dedicated fanbase. I haven’t mentioned anything about One Direction since.

Q/What can fans anticipate from you in the next six months? 

A/ Yeah so the release we’re planning will be February but we’ve filmed a few cool collaborations that will be coming out in-between now and the new release. Then we’ll be planning a little UK tour around the next release too!


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