Q/ If your music was a Tinder bio, what would it say? 

Ewan: Sexy, Sexy Boys and Olivia


Callum: We actually have a Whatsapp group-chat called that!

Q/ You recently released your track ‘Are You High?’, what was the writing process behind it, where did you draw inspiration from? 

Ewan: Lyrically it’s about our worst fears of what our family members think about us just now cause we’re all having to miss important occasions when we’re out doing the band stuff. Which we all obviously love doing, it’s not like we’d change what were doing but sometimes you can’t help but feel a little bit guilty but musically it’s just distorting as much as we could.

Callum: It was a pop melody when we first wrote it, it was maybe a step too far in that direction for us in the pop world. So we just put distortion on everything and then put  big beat underneath it.

Q/ What are your main influences for your style and sound? 

Callum: I would say that aesthetically we predominantly draw influence from Kung-Fu B-Movies and I guess we’ve shown that in our videos and stuff. We also draw influence from other artists as well, a lot of our cover art and graphics take little bits from other album covers or just record artwork that we really like or records that we’ve got. If I really like the layout of an albums cover then I’ll try to base our stuff around that. Going back to the Kung-Fu B-Movie thing, the posters of that whole movie genre really play a big part in the look of our things as well.

Ewan: Yeah like Enter The Dragon has a lot of red and yellow stuff and I feel that you could sit and watch Enter The Dragon and be like ‘Oh right so Bad Sounds watched this’ *laughs*

Sam: I think it’s the same musically as well, in terms of taking bits from other existing art – like sampling and stuff

Callum: Yeah musically we take the whole idea behind how Hip-Hop was originally conceived, like taking the best bit from a specific song and building an entirely new track around it. Whereas I guess we take our favourite bits from our favourite genres from different eras and then we’ll build different songs around them and just sort of throw them together.


Q/ You released your EP ‘Mixtape One’ late September, how’re you feeling about the reception it’s received so far? 

Ewan: Yeah good! I feel like it was a massive thing for us because before we’d only really put out stand alone singlesLike there is the PHRESSSH EP but that was us just really drawing a line under all the singles we’d done before and putting them on one thing. So it was nice for us to put out songs that didn’t have to be singles so there’s this track called ‘Enough’ on the EP that we really like but we’d have never put it out as a single because it’s a bit slower, it’s five minutes long and it’s got hardly any singing in it. So yeah, it was really nice for us to be able to show different sides of ourselves.

Sam: It’s funny cause there’s ‘Living Alone’ and ‘Hot Head’ on it which are the singles but most people that I’ve spoken to anyway favour ‘Enough’ over the other tracks. Which is quite strange

Ewan: Yeah it’s really nice! Also we had a really big thing where we wanted it to be one cohesive piece, especially if you listen to it on the record, its flows as one thing so we have these skits which combine everything and we made sure the track listing felt right. It’s sort of our first go at making a cohesive piece of work rather than just one single

Callum: We actually wanted to release it as one fifteen minute mixtape *laughs* but everyone was like ‘No, no! No, no, no’

Ewan: ‘NO! It’s a nice idea lads but it’s not really going to work is it’


Ewan: ‘Why don’t you make a fifteen minute version and listen to it by yourself at home’


Q/ Edinburgh is your fourth date of your headline tour, any particular stand out dates so far/to come? 

Ewan: The tours been wicked! It’s definitely been a way better reaction than we ever initially expected. We did a tour like this six months ago and we were really playing to sort of half empty rooms and we’ve gone back to some of the same towns and almost every night so far has been sold out and the date that wasn’t was really close to selling out so yeah its cool! It’s nice for us to be able to see the difference, cause everything else feels like a gradual step but once you’ve had time out and then you come back to it, you can actually see that more people are getting into what you’re doing. Edinburgh is sort of like the one we’re most excited for and also the most nervous because we’ve never ever been to Edinburgh before so we’re kind of expecting no one to come because no one knows who we are


Sam: Do you guys wanna come to a gig tonight?

Ewan: Have you got like a thousand friends to bring with you? Anyway, yeah it’s one of the things I love about doing what we do. We get to go to places that we’ve never been to before and maybe would never have thought to go to and you get to look around a bit as well which is cool.


Q/ What’s been a standout moment from the past year? 

Ewan: We got to play our first shows abroad this year which is pretty cool, we did this festival in France called This Is Not A Love Song. It was an awesome experience because they treat you so nice and it was just such a novelty for us to be over there playing the festival. At the same time though, I’m like petrified of flying because I was once on a plane that caught fire and going over to France was my first time flying since then, so I was sweating in the back while everyone was going ‘This is fun init’.

Callum: We had to get off the plane as well cause it was missing one screw, yeah the captain was like ‘Sorry everyone’s gotta get off the plane cause it’s missing a screw, it’s quite an important screw so we’re just trying to find another plane’


Ewan: Yeah he went ‘To be honest I’d probably go without it but Easy Jet are saying no’ *laughs* to be fair though, how does a plane lose a screw. A screw is something you unscrew, it shouldn’t just fall out!

Callum: Thoughts that keep me up at night!


Q/ What are you currently listening to? 

Ewan: I’ve got massively into the Red Hot Chili Peppers again

Sam: Yeah you’ve been listening to Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Ewan: I’ve just gone on a massive binge and started learning every song off that album on guitar!

Sam: You’ve even been watching – they made a lot of documentaries back then, they did the Funky Monks and you get to see how they recorded that album like twenty five years ago or whenever that album was made. It’s just incredible how mental they all are!

Callum: I’ve been listening to The Black Album by Prince which was never properly released because literally just before it was released he was convinced it was evil and had it withdrawn from sale but it’s literally the funkiest Prince album and I’ve been listening to it on repeat!

Q/ If you could be any breed of dog, what breed would you be? 

Ewan: The Hoggiest type of dog

Callum: Olivia has a dog that is a hog dog

Olivia: Leave him alone, he’s cute

Sam: He just wanders around and eats whole chickens

Ewan: Yeah we have a thing for Hog Dogs

Sam: Ones that have breathing problems basically

Ewan: A Hog Dog!

Q/ Your musical guilty pleasure? 

Callum: We don’t have guilty pleasures, we get asked this question a lot and because we listen to so much different music it’s like we don’t feel guilty about listening to music which people would deem a guilty pleasure.

Olivia: You have guilty pleasures!

Callum: Tell me a song that I listen to that I feel guilty about

Olivia: The Lighthouse Family

Callum: I don’t feel guilty about that!


Ewan: Charlie listens to a lot of Ronan Keating

Charlie: No guilt there!

Ewan: Charlie’s backup career plan is to be a Ronan Keating tribute act

Q/ Your favourite venue? 

Charlie: The Louisiana in Bristol, there was a special edition of the NME when The White Stripes split up. They put the ten best gigs that The White Stripes ever played in there and The Louisiana was one of them

Sam: The Thekla in Bristol that’s quite a cool concept for a venue with it being a boat

Callum: Yeah that is a cool venue, the first night of our tour we played there and theres a top deck where all of our mums and dads watched from and then all of the people that had came to see us because they like our music were in the bottom bit and it was quite a surreal moment so that was cool!

Ewan: I’d probably say Thekla too, its nice when you go to a place and it has a bit more character than the usual small dingy rooms and we go to so many small dingy rooms at the minute *laughs* so yeah it’s cool for that aspect. When we did the great escape in Brighton we were like on the pier but the venue was Horatio’s Bar, it was really seedy cause it felt like a gentleman’s club

Sam: Yeah like a Seaside gentleman’s club *laughs*

Ewan: It felt like it was normally home to racist old men


Callum: Yeah a really sticky carpet and cheap pints, it was a really cool venue though like the stage and sound was wicked!

Ewan: I think cause for the festival the venue got taken over so I think anyone who was normally there wasn’t but yeah it felt like a really cool venue


Q/ Your favourite artist and why in three words? 

Callum: I think collectively we would all agree it would be Michael Jackson and I don’t think you need any words *laughs*

Ewan: Ah three words is hard, I think Quincy, Rod and Bruce

Q/ What can fans anticipate from you guys in the next six months? 

Ewan: I don’t even know what we can anticipate from ourselves


Ewan: It’s worked for us so far in terms of taking things as they come, sort of seeing what feels like the right next move at the time. So we don’t really have a full plan of what were going to achieve by when. We’re just writing a lot at the minute with kind of a few to the possibility of an album but we’ll put one out when it feels like the right time. I don’t think people were expecting us to put another single out this close to the end of the year but it kind of seemed right. We had it done and it felt like the right thing to do


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