Formed in 2015, Liverpool quartet SPINN have been hot on the rise throughout the past couple of years. With a talent for penning sparkling dream-pop tracks, they should most definitely be on your list of ones to watch. Having recently finished up a full UK tour, the four piece have ended the year with a brand new single titled ‘She Takes Her Time’.

Sun-soaked dreamy guitar melodies introduce us to a feel-good track sustained by intertwining dynamic drum rhythms and hazy refrains, gifting us with an overall positively infectious single.

A searing bass-line adds an underlying groove feel while frequent vocal harmonies give a light breezy air that draws you further into the tracks warm depths – aided further by the prominently growing light-hearted story behind the lyrics.

Warm fuzzy melodies combined with a delightful pop edge aid in creating a colourful track that will be stuck in your head for days. A building energy leads us into the singles final thirty seconds where a single vibrant guitar refrain builds in pace alongside a pulsing drum beat – ending abruptly we are left with a want for more. ‘She Takes Her Time’ is a brilliantly crafted pop track with a dreamlike hazy edge, it leaves us more than excited for future material from SPINN.

Check out ‘She Takes Her Time’ below…

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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