Bad Sounds and Kyko recently played in Edinburgh! Check out the photos and our review of their performance at Sneekit Mash House below. All photos belong to Rory Barnes!


Trop-pop wonder KYKO played his sweet melodious tunes to a crowd more than ready to reciprocate every feeling and word that left the stage. Bringing a radiant glowing vibe, his feelgood tracks washed out over a crowd lost in his rich mesmerising vocals and overall up-beat manner. Cycling through tracks old and new, we were given a taste of what’s to come from the London based artist while also being treated to fan favourites such as ‘Native’ and ‘Horizon’ each being met with delight from the crowd as they aided in creating the growing warm feelgood air that had everyone tightly captivated.


Hip-Hop indie fusion and all round energetically captivating five-piece Bad Sounds took the stage as the crowd erupted in delight at their presence. A dedicated following who were reciprocating the bands bold energy that radiated throughout their performance, drawing you into their all round fun stage presence and colourfully catchy tracks.  With a vivid dynamic to their performance losing yourself throughout the duration of their performance was no difficult task, as they broke into each track in their well loved fun manner. A band whose energy and overall performance cannot be matched. Playing fan favourites ‘Wages’, ‘Zacharia’ and even breaking out their new track ‘Are You High’, it was easy to see just why they have become so popular, a truly unique sense of showmanship and writing talent, their tracks are levels apart from a lot of artists just now and we’re excited to see what they do next.

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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