Bottle Note have seen huge success throughout 2017 so far, with an eclectic vibrant live performance and a strong catalogue of acclaimed releases under their belts, they are definitely one of Scotland’s most exciting up and coming artists for 2018. Having recently supported VANT at The Mash House for their final ever live performance, they are now back with a brand new single. Titled ‘Amber’ – it leaves us excited for future releases from the Edinburgh quartet.

A vibrant rolling drum rhythm introduces us to a dark drawing riff before a full band ensemble breaks in with bold luring vocals and a driving potent bass-line. Grittier elements of the bands instrumentation aid in creating a dirtier sounding indie track that will make a stellar addition to their live set.

‘Amber’ holds an underlying compelling tenacious factor, drawing you further into its darker edge and leaving you hanging on every note. A polished indie-rock track with a rougher edge, it’s a high octane rush packed into just over three minutes.

A building striking energy is created with intertwining pulsing drum beats and lively sparkling refrains, while distant distorted vocals add a further captivating edge to this dynamically fiery track, ending abruptly – we are left with a want for more. Proving their talents at penning darker indie tracks, Bottle Note have left us excited for their future releases.

Check out ‘Amber’ below…

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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