Hailing from Glasgow, The Calm Fiasco are a dreamy indie quartet who are no strangers to releasing encapsulating feel-good singles. With a highly successful EP, ‘The Fear’, released earlier this year, they received high praise from fans and critics alike – paving the way for a stellar year. Now with the release of their new single ‘Lemonade’ and their biggest show to date just a couple of days away (The Art School – November 18th) they have more than proved their place as one of next years ones to watch.

Warm melodies introduce us to rich melodious vocals with a slightly grittier edge draped over a rhythmic continuous drum beat – creating an upbeat air to the single. An underlying fuzzy bass-line creates a hazed edge to ‘Lemonade’ that wraps you up in its three and a half minute duration.

Dropping to softer vocals, a dynamic synth refrain kicks in adding further depth and giving a positively feel-good glow – while harmonious vocals in the chorus breezily build an underlying tenacious energy, driving the track forward into its final minute.

A distorted guitar riff precedes a dropout to distant instrumentation and a building power of rolling rhythms. A final run through of the chorus sees the track fading out, leaving you with a want for more and a need to hit repeat. With sweetly infectious hooks and warm hazy melodies, ‘Lemonade’ should be your new favourite track.

Check out ‘Lemonade’ below…

Grab your tickets for their headline Art School show below!


Kitt @ New Wave Testament


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