2017 has been an insane year for Leeds quartet Marsicans, with a string of accolades firmly under their belts they’ve released their brand new single ‘Throw Ourselves In’ to round off the year nicely and give us a taste of what’s to come from them next.

Following a different sound direction than previous releases, ‘Throw Ourselves In’ has a grittier feel with heavier instrumentation, all the while still holding the jovial harmonious air that we’ve come to love from Marsicans. A prominently complex pulsing drum rhythm gives the track an underlying tenacious factor, this coupled with a stand out vibrant guitar refrain of the choruses main lyric adds to the overall colourful feel of the single.

A high octane rush from beginning to end, ‘Throw Ourselves In’ leaves you surrendering to its sparkling breezy melodies and compelling harmonious vocals. Adding a further feel good edge to the track, gang vocals of ‘Love’ continue to emphasise the up-beat notion ‘Throw Ourselves In’ instils in you.

Heading into its final thirty seconds we are met with a powerhouse of thrashing instrumentation and a growingly compelling hazy groove. With an atmosphere to it that you can’t help but fall in love with, ‘Throw Ourselves In’ will make a stellar addition to Marsicans live set and is proof of their talents at penning dreamy indie tracks.

Check out ‘Throw Ourselves In’ below!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017


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