Thursday 19th October sees the first of two album launches from Annie Booth in support of ‘An Unforgiving Light’ – this one being Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh and finds the singer in fine form backed by a fantastic band who fittingly add a muscular weight to what is a powerful album, delivered impeccably well in a live setting.

It swells in all the right places, and the dynamic between all on stage is a contagious vibrancy that finds you swept along with the confidence in the songs.

Throwing off any presumptions of sombre balladry, tearing through single ‘Over My’ which gains a new potency, hammering through the track propelled by the insistent drums and guitar assault. Nonetheless, when the moment calls they provide a bare sparsity that allows Annie’s candid delivery to really shine through.

A particular highlight comes in the set closer as we reach the end all too soon – ‘The Line’ is a poignant track on record however, sang in person between Annie and Leo it takes on an incredible mesmeric shape that cut through any hallmark punter chat found in ubiquitous form at live gigs. I can confidently say I was one of all in attendance completely fixated during what really was a warm moment that was felt on a much deeper level than initially expected. ‘Too soon’ appears to be intolerably too soon for some as everyone calls out for a well-earned encore which Annie seems genuinely surprised by. It’s these traits that allow the singer to stand out in her field as exceedingly unique.

 Dominic @ New Wave Testament 2017

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