If your music was a Tinder bio what would it say?

I mean I don’t have Tinder and I’ve only seen it once but I guess you would have a short and snappy caption so maybe just like – Damn, Good, Vibes. I think that would work wouldn’t it

How are you feeling about the response you’ve received so far for your debut EP?

Yeah it’s good! I think because it’s just been physical and only on vinyl there’s not been much online but that’s the way we wanted to do it, to just have a collection of songs from last year and the previous year before in one physical place and then kinda move on and release new music digitally next year


What’s your favourite track off the EP and why?

The EP is called ‘Heart Of Survival’ and there’s a track on it called ‘Heart Of Survival’ which sometimes doesn’t get its place in the live shows but for me… all my songs are personal but I feel with that one its a little bit more personal and I like that it’s now got its place in physical form. I wrote it a few years ago now so it’s cool that it’s still around

What was the writing process, where do you draw inspiration from?

So all the songs have kinda been pretty much written at different times, a couple of them I wrote when I was sixteen on the loop pedal and a guitar and they’ve kinda progressed more into sounding like the Be Charlotte stuff just now and then some of them were a bit more recent so like ‘Machines That Breathe’ was about a year ago and it’s kinda for me- its songs that sum up a certain time in my life or in my career when I was feeling a particular way

You went to a writing camp in Nashville, how did you find locking yourself away to focus on writing? Do you think it was an experience that gained you a different perspective or altered your approach at all?

Definitely yeah! It was a good experience overall, I really really enjoyed pretty much not thinking about anything else for five days. It’s the most intensive writing sessions I’ve ever done – so it was structured where you would arrive at eight, then start at nine and then you have to write the full song in three hours. Have lunch and the afternoon is spent recording it and it all has to be recorded by the end of the day. So sometimes maybe in the UK or Europe when you’re writing a song you can start a session and the song doesn’t necessarily need to be finished by the end but in America they’re very much like this is a finished focal, this is it completely ready to be submitted. So the thing with the camp was you had to write two briefs for other artists for any style, for me what I learned most from the camp was that even with my genre and writing style I can still actually adapt it for other genres and styles, so while I was there I did a country song for a guy and other things along those lines. I’d never done anything like that before so it was cool to kind of experience just being a songwriter instead of having the pressure of it having to be for yourself. So it was good to work on something with someone else and be happy with how it sounds


Do you think international crowds differ from crowds back home?

I think so yeah, we played a show in Vienna a few weeks ago which was really really cool, there was maybe like 200 people there and a lot of the crowd didn’t really understand what I was saying. I don’t think it was an issue though, I think it kinda added a bit more excitement to it for them because sometimes it can be a bit better when the gigs like that because they are just there listening to the songs, they aren’t necessarily listening to the chat between songs. I definitely think there is a difference though, I’ve found that abroad there is a culture to move a lot more. It just depends though because we’re obviously building up to hopefully playing bigger gigs at some point. At the moment though with gigs back home there’s quite an age range at my gigs so there’s kinda two different styles of crowds, I’m hoping though at some point that will merge together


What’s been your favourite country to play?

I really did enjoy Austria that was really cool, it was one of my favourite gigs!


What’s been some highlights from 2017 so far?

Definitely going to Nashville just because I never thought I would be in that sort of place! Getting to go to so many different places for the first time and getting to write in these new places too. There’s a lot that has changed for me this year, I’ve gone from writing on my own and being completely nervous to show anyone my ideas to getting into that spirit of writing and collaborating with other people. That’s the biggest change for me but also a huge highlight too

What are you currently listening to?

Well today – for example *laughs* I was listening to Mø’s new track which is amazing, I think it’s really cool. Then my old classics that I like to listen to are Milky Chance, Kendrick Lamar, a real mixture. Oh and Tracy Chapman as well!

What do you think is more important for emerging live bands just now, an extensive live presence or getting releases under their belts?

I think it depends because there’s a lot of people just now going for that whole getting tracks on Spotify thing and getting the plays up as high as they can and it doesn’t matter about the live show in a way. I feel that’s happened quite a lot recently where it’s more about that than the live show but I think before it used to be the other way around, you had to be out gigging. For me personally, I’ve always wanted to play as many live shows as I can. It’s definitely been quite difficult though, to not release or share any new music this year cause I want to just let people know what I’ve been doing. I think there’s definitely some good that can come from waiting though, I think for us playing shows away from home and showing that we’ve been doing stuff makes people get a little bit more excited for new stuff


Best fan experience?

There was one year I went to T in the Park and literally everyone that I love was playing over the weekend, Kendrick Lamar was a highlight though. I know that was a rubbish one I’m really sorry!

Favourite venue?

I think I’ve not been to my absolute dream venue yet but there’s loads of places I’ve been which I think would be really cool to play. So obviously in Scotland everyone wants to play Barrowlands, every time I’m at a gig there I’m in awe. We were lucky though and we got to play a gig there supporting Frightened Rabbit which was amazing but hopefully one day I want to go and play there with my own show

Favourite artist and why in three words?

I would say Lauryn Hill – Absolute girl power

Check out ‘Machines That Breathe’ below!

@New Wave Testament 2017

Photos belong to – Amy Muir, Steven Todd, Brendan Waters

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