A vintage record crackle sets the mood for this track – a dreamily sweet trip back to an almost New Wave era, holding the same tenacious driving element and fuzzy luring melodies as past New Wave greats. ‘Bonnie’ holds a retro feel with a twist of positively infectious synth melodies and a searing groove bass line.

Having an all round sunny disposition, ‘Bonnie’ is neatly packaged into just short of three minutes of colourfully sunny riffs and warm luring vocals which aid in giving a further added haze to this overall vibrant track. You’ll find yourself getting lost in its depths as its general feel-good air wraps you up in every note and leaves you hanging on every word.

Having already proved their sheer talent with previous EP ‘Drunk’, Anteros have given us another symbol of proof for their talents at penning glittering fuzzy tracks – ‘Bonnie’ combines all the necessary elements of a brilliant live track and is already proving a fan favourite. Anteros have yet again left us excited for future material

Give ‘Bonnie’ a listen below…

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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