Edinburgh’s Annie Booth takes an impeccably-crafted step into solo territory and doesn’t put a foot wrong on album ‘An Unforgiving Light’. Foregoing the ‘big opener’ – the first track is an understated calling card. More a gentle tap on the window than rapping at the the door, very tastefully-executed and it isn’t long before the slow burn of ‘Demons’ reaches its crescendo.

On single ‘Over My’ we’re well into a facet of the singer never seen before. The tribal, rolling drums underpin the recalcitrant tone of the song into something of a propulsive Alt. Rock banger that still manages to ebb and flow between being both thunderous and subdued.

A personal highlight, is ‘Post-Goodbyes’ where the musicianship of Annie’s band really shines through here. The intro is sublime and sparse achieving its purpose in matching the longing atmosphere of the music with the lyrics -surprisingly, something not seen too often these days and rarely done half as well as here.

‘An Unforgiving Light’ confidently flits between soaring, uptempo walls of sound to lilting, reservedness. Closer ‘The Line’ is another highlight that makes for a truly poignant moment in the shared vocal between herself and Mt. Doubt’s Leo Bargery. Concluding a genuine, dynamic album and a real highlight for 2017 that’s a testament to Annie’s potent writing chops!

Check out Annie’s album below…

Dominic @ New Wave Testament 2017

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