Bright synth tones introduce us to lead singer Kerr’s punchy vocals and dark percussion. A wall of vivid electronic melodies wrap around one another creating a colourfully driving track.

Holding a darker underlying air, the now well-loved honest songwriting style of The LaFontaines draws you further into the tracks depths. The back and forth of melodious vocals and coarse almost spoken word creates a luring contrasting emotive element.

A distorted guitar riff leads us into stand alone vocals and a building refrain before a high-tempo short but sweet power trip of powerful drum rhythms and bold melodies takes us into the tracks final chorus. Containing all the necessary elements of a brilliant live track, ‘Too Late’ pays homage to The LaFontaines talents at penning dynamically vibrant tracks and is a nod to a new sound direction that leaves us excited for their next album ‘Common Problem’ due to be released October 27th.

Give ‘Too Late’ a listen below!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017



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