If LaKyoto were a breed of dog what breed of dog would they be?

Conor: Yorkie

Kyle: Westie

Scott: Golden Retriever

Kyle: We’d be a cross between all three!

Kieran: I don’t know about an entire band breed but if a member was a dog then Kyle would be a Lab

Conor: Kyle would be a spaniel, super hyperactive

Scott: We’ll go with a spaniel then!

Kieran: Final answer is spaniel

Conor: Of the Cocker breed


Conor: I’ll see myself out

So you’ve been writing new music recently, when you sit down to write a new release have you been going in with an initial idea. Is there a common thread to the material you’ve been writing?

Conor: They are all pretty different to be honest! We’ve all started writing our own songs so I’ll come in and show the guys something I’ve been working on, on guitar and they’ll show me a part they’ve got on synth or something. There’s not really a common thread it’s just whatever feels good to us at that time and sometimes it’s a LaKyoto song but sometimes it can be a good song that isn’t necessarily right for us.

Kieran: There’s a lot of stuff that we’ve written that just gets binned

Scott: Yeah it doesn’t make the cut!

Kieran: It’s really in the moment for us

What would you say influences your sound?

Kyle: So we’re all pretty keen on Everything Everything

Kieran: You can say his name!

Kyle: What Brandon Flowers?


Kieran: I can see you going red there Kyle, for the record by the way Kyle’s got a beamer

Conor: We’re really into a lot of synth-pop bands and bands that have particularly big catchy choruses, that total kinda unashamed pop

Kieran: We’re really into Nothing But Thieves just now too

Conor: We’re just finding that by listening to more stuff we can draw a lot more influences into what we’re doing. So Nothing But Thieves aren’t particularly a band that sound anything like us but we’ve learnt a lot from their songwriting to apply to a completely different style. So we’re just trying to broaden our horizons and listen to other bands, like no matter what it is you can learn from it. Whether it’s Madonna on the radio or whatever catches your attention.

Kieran: Yeah we really like to keep up-to-date, especially using Spotify. Like their release radar playlist, we’ll just go on and listen to what’s in just now. Sometimes you’ll find that there is a certain style to things, like right now it’s stripped back acoustic style tracks!


In your opinion, what’s more important for emerging bands just now. Having a strong established live presence or a collection of material under their belts?

Kyle: I would say loads of material

Kieran: 100% Material, from our own kinda stand point we came out with a track at the beginning and then we really had nothing else to work with after that. We made that mistake ourselves, we kinda built on this live presence for a whole year, we made sure we were strengthening our live presence and then we were kinda stuck. Although now we have both so we have endless possibilities!

So you’re about to play The Mash House tonight, for anyone that hasn’t seen you before what can people anticipate from your live shows?

Scott: Japanese writing


Conor: Just really punchy, poppy synth-pop. I said the word Pop twice there but oh well, just really big sing-along tracks and…

Kieran: Face melting hooks *laughs*

Scott: There’s not really face melting hooks…

What can people look forward to next from LaKyoto?

Kyle: Next will be a new single

Scott: Which we’ll be playing tonight!

Kieran: Shhhh! We’ll be playing a lot of new singles tonight…

Scott: We’re in the studio just now too, we’ve got a lot of new material


Best fan experience?

Conor: Kyle you have to tell the Brandon Flowers story!

Kyle: Brandon Flowers was on his solo tour and I went and waited outside for five hours just to see him going in to soundcheck. The stage crew knew my name and everything, they were giving me jumpers because I was freezing and they were like “Ooooh Brandon won’t be long”


Kyle: I was genuinely frozen, eventually more and more people started turning up so there was like twenty of us. Eventually Brandon gets off the bus and just walks straight past us all and then his tour manager came out and said you’ve been waiting here since midday, so Brandon came out and signed my ticket and asked me how I was doing and I just shouted “BRANDON! I love you” and he walked off and that was it. Haven’t washed the hand since *laughs*

Kieran: It’s kinda hard to top that one! I think us at TRNSMT (Conor) with Everything Everything

Conor: Ah yeah so when we played TRNSMT with Be Charlotte, we went to the Artist catering for food and there was just loads of famous people sat in there

Kieran: Yeah there was Thom Yorke, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man and Everything Everything. Me and Conor shat it, we could’ve met our heroes

Conor: We were just sat eating chicken and Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything who is my absolute hero by the way was sat behind me and I just didn’t say anything at all…

Kieran: I think long story short you sat back to back with your hero and you couldn’t say a fucking word to him

Conor: Exactly, a real man would’ve turned round an said Hi to his hero but not me

Kyle: “Are you enjoying the chicken?”


Conor: Yeah it was really cool, we met loads of our heroes that day but didn’t actually speak to any of them!

Kieran: We were so out of place to be honest

Conor: I regret it but to be honest you can’t really bother a man while he’s eating his chicken

Kyle: That should be the title for this interview “LaKyoto: You can’t bother a man while he’s eating his chicken”

Worst fan experience?

Kyle: Mines probably the same one I just said!

Conor: I went and saw a band, I was a bit younger at the time and I was quite excited to see them so I went up to them and asked if they would sign my ticket and he basically just told me to get lost. It was really hurtful. I went and saw them, I was a huge fan and I’ve not listened to them since cause they were so horrible

Your all time favourite artist and why in three words?

Conor: Everything Everything – A Fever Dream

Kyle: The Killers, that’s all I’ve spoken about in this interview – The Killers and chicken. Wait, three words why – Drummer, singer, guitarist


Kieran: That’s possibly the worst description I’ve ever heard

Kyle: That’s why I like them though, the four of them

Kieran: You listed three?

Kyle: Yeah well the Bass comes under guitarists….

Kieran: It really doesn’t, I’m not taking that!

Kyle: Fine – The Four Guys


Scott: For me probably AC/DC because Angus Young made me pick up the guitar

Conor: That’s like eight words…

Scott: No these are my three words! Uhm – Angus Young Yas? *Laughs*

Any bands that you’re currently listening to?

Kyle: I really like Will Joesph Cook

Kieran: I’m gonna say Nothing But Thieves

Scott: Yeah we’re all kinda obsessing over them just now! All Tvvins as well, I really like them

Conor: I’m really into Glass Animals just now, I seem to have ignorantly avoided them till now. I went to see Sundara Karma recently as well and that was amazing!

Scott: Noah Noah, they’re playing here as well soon-ish too

Kieran: VanIves

Conor: Be Charlotte too and Pronto Mama!

Scott: Saint PHNX as well

Kieran: Yeah they’re smashing it just now too

If you had a snapchat filter for your band which one would you have?

Scott: Cherry Blossom, that would be nice

Kyle: Aye! When you open your mouth it all falls

Kieran: Yeah and have Shvgger at the bottom too. Nah I’ve changed my mind, Japanese war paint instead!

Check out LaKyoto’s latest single ‘Runaway’ below!

@ New Wave Testament 2017

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