You released your debut EP at the end of September, how do you feel about the reception that it has received so far?

It’s been good so far, we’ve had some nice feedback about the EP and our mum’s really like it so we are happy.

When you sit down to write a new release do you always go in with an idea? Is there a common thread to your releases?
No, not really. The first EP was just a collection of songs we’d written together, and when we were writing them we weren’t necessarily thinking about them as an EP. But the stuff we’ve been writing more recently for our second EP is just naturally more consistent in terms of it’s sound. The new songs are working together really well.


Where do you pull inspiration for your style and sound from?

We’ve both got quite a range of influences between us, which hopefully comes across in our music. In terms of songwriting, our joint influences include Paul McCartney, Mac Demarco and Brian Wilson (but our harmonies aren’t as good!). Just because we both like a particular band or artist, that doesn’t mean they influence our songwriting. For example, Andy really likes Pixies, but we could never write the songs that they write, and similarly Will is a big Wham fan, but again the songs aren’t the sound that we’re going for.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before, what can people anticipate from your live shows?
We just love to have as much fun as we can when we are playing live. We’re talking jager bombs, a bit of old school Miley Cyrus, getting the crowd involved. We want the audience to be having as much fun as we are, and if that means getting a helping hand on the wood blocks, then so be it.
What’s been a standout moment from your time as a band so far?
Our launch party for the EP at The Mash House was pretty great. We had some friends from Dinosaur 94 and Dancing on Tables playing alongside us, and it was just a wicked night; well attended and it was a nice way to celebrate the release of the EP.


What’s next for milkd?

We are currently recording our next single and will start recording our second EP next week. In the nearer future we are playing a gig at Teviot Underground on October 26, and will hopefully be playing more shows thereafter.

Best Fan experience?

Will – I went to see Mac Demarco in Edinburgh in August, and when he crowd surfed I got a good grab of his bosom, it was great.
Andy – The one that really sticks in my mind is Chic with Nile Rodgers at Glastonbury this year. He’s written so many great songs and I never thought I’d ever see him live.

Worst fan experience?

Will – Again, it was at the Mac concert in August. I had a really nice T-Shirt that I thought Mac would absolutely love. I decided, as I was near the front, to throw it onto the stage as a little gift to him from me. Instead of landing anywhere near him though, it landed right by the security who swiped it up. I bet it never got back to Mac. Pathetic from me.
Andy – It wasn’t so bad for me, but when I was pretty young I went with my dad and brother to see Red Hot Chili Peppers at V Festival. Just as they were about to come on, I decided I needed to go for a wee, and was 100% not going to wee on a nearby tree. We all had to leave our spot near the front so I could go to the portaloos. When I got there, I got stagefright and couldn’t even go. At least I didn’t wee myself whilst on dad’s shoulders.

Favourite venue?

Andy- I’ve played at The Sebright Arms a few times (with Post Louis) and it’s a really great space, plus the pub upstairs does amazing burgers. In Edinburgh, my favourite gig space to watch and play is Sneaky Pete’s.
Will – Yeah, I’ve never been to The Sebright Arms but Sneaky’s is definitely my favourite place too. We’ve had some really nice gigs there, and we even covered School of Rock. In terms of attending gigs, I loved it when I went to Barrowland’s in Glasgow, that was just a crazy place.

All time favourite artist?

Will – For me, I just can’t get enough of Paul McCartney. His stuff as a Beatle, but also his solo stuff. Every time I listen to another one of his solo albums I find a few more tunes which I go mad for. He never fails.
Andy – I can’t really look past Radiohead, although The Beatles and Bowie are close second and third respectively.

Any current bands you’re into?

Will – Ever since I first heard them a couple of years back, I’ve never grown tired of The Magic Gang. I love their sound, it’s fun and they have some great melodies. I think we share similar influences, such as The Beach Boys, and that’s why I enjoy their music so much.
Andy – I’m really into the Marika Hackman record that came out earlier this year. I still haven’t got round to the new St. Vincent or Kurt Vile/Courtney Barnett albums, but I’m super excited for those too! Oh, and I’m really into Will’s demos for the second EP.
Check out their latest EP below!


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