If INHEAVEN were a breed of dog, what breed would they be?

James: A boxer, cause we just keep on fighting

Chloe: Don’t add that in!


Joe: In that voice and everything

You recently released your début album, how are you feeling about the reception this received so far?

James: Yeah really good! The reviews and fan reception has been pretty mind blowing, everyone’s liked it so far so yeah we’re pretty happy
Chloe: We’e really proud to finally have a record out, like James said the reviews have been amazing. To get a glowing NME review, it’s something you dream of as a kid and for us to actually have one it’s been pretty amazing.
Jake: Yeah it definitely made our week!


What was the writing process behind the album, where did the inspiration come from with it?

James: I think a lot of our inspiration with it came from listening to a lot of the creation records bands, sub-pop and just trying to bring that like 60’s pop influence to it but giving it a slightly more updated sound. We’ve been inspired a lot by movies too, like some of our favourite John Hughes movie soundtracks and coming of age movies. We just wanted it to have that feeling of youth and kind of hopelessness. It was a long sort of process though, we had the songs ready but it took a long time to get them released because that’s one of the hardest things as a band, finding a label or whoever to release your record.

So if you can pick one, what are your personal favourite tracks off the album?

Joe: Mine would have to be ‘Velvet’

Jake: Yeah mine is the same

Chloe: I like ‘Do You Dream’

James: Ah I’m gonna have to go with something else now

Jake: You want to say ‘Velvet’ don’t you

James: I really really do!

Chloe: Go with ‘Stupid Things’

James: Ah Yeah! ‘Stupid Things’


On that topic, the last single you released from the album was ‘Stupid Things’, what’s the back story to it?

James: It’s coming back to these sort of coming of age movies again and trying to write our own soundtrack to one of our favourite films. It was meant to kinda be about day dreaming and imagining different scenarios. Like y’know when there’s that person you fancy at school or whatever, that you never get the courage to speak to but you make all these things up in your head about what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna approach them. So yeah, it’s about the kind of youthful…
Chloe: Things you never want to say
James: Yeah things you never want to say!

So you’ve just started your UK & European album tour, are there any particular dates you’re looking forward to?

Chloe: Glasgow tonight!

Jake: Glasgow!

Chloe: It’s a very fun place to be, fun nights out too

James: And Oasis played on that stage

Chloe: On a Sunday night too!


What’s been a standout moment for you guys as a band from the last year?

Chloe: There’s definitely been a few, shall we all say our personal ones? I guess mine was playing the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury, that was a big moment!
Jake: Probably for me playing the Radio One NME tent at Reading, that was pretty special
Joe: For me it’s probably both of those to be honest
Chloe: The album too
James: Yeah the album and both of those for me too!


On the basis of emerging bands, what do you think is more important for them. Developing an extensive live presence or getting releases under their belts?

James: An extensive live presence definitely especially just now. Music kinda moves so fast especially in the online world, kinda the only thing that you can solidify is your live fan base and the only way you can do that is by playing as many live shows as possible.

What’s next for INHEAVEN?

James: Next for us, we’ll we’ve got our UK tour that we’re on just now and then we’re going into Europe for our first ever headline tour over there. We’re going to be playing a lot of international places next year!

Chloe: Yeah that will take us up to the end of next year and the following year we’ll have some more gigs and another album. Do it all again!


Worst fan experience?

Chloe: I think for me probably just being really squashed at lots of shows, being like fifteen and saying it’s fine I can definitely breathe

Joe: I remember stupidly going right down to the front of the old Astoria in London and standing right next to the speaker for a band called Thursday and they started off with their heaviest song and it just blew my head off. That was quite scary for a fourteen year old or however old I was.

Best fan experience?

Chloe: I would probably say mine is, I saw one of the early Arctic Monkeys shows. That was definitely one for the bucket list and I remember at the time everyone was like ah they’re gonna be really big and I didn’t know they were going to be as big. So definitely that one, that’s one to show off about

Jake: I saw Neil Young, that’s probably my one
Joe: I think my one is more recent actually, I saw Father John Misty at Glastonbury and that was incredible he actually blew me away. Amazing, it was on par with Radiohead for me, it was so good!

James: I’m gonna have to say Phoenix at Glastonbury, that one took me by surprise as well

Favourite venue?

James: King Tuts

Chloe: Do you know what that is true and also Barrowlands, we got the chance to support someone there and it’s a classic venue

Joe: It’s an amazing venue yeah!

All time favourite artist?

Joe: I’d say David Bowie

James: That’s a good shout! It’s Led Zeppelin for me

Chloe: Bowie has to be mine too

Jake: Yeah lets go with Bowie!

Joe: Or Lou Reed actually!

Are there any current bands that you are listening to?

Joe: King Nun and Bloxx for me

James: Paris Youth Foundation and Otherkin

Chloe: The only bands we take on tour!


Jake: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever from Australia are great!

Check out INHEAVEN’s debut album below!





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