Q/ If Shambolics were a hat, what kind of hat would they be?

A/ I love getting asked silly questions in interviews haha! But if it had to be any hat it would be a Fez hat. Always feel good in a fez hat.

Q/You recently released your single ‘Chasing a Disaster’, how’re you feeling about the reception it’s received so far?

A/ We’ve been blown away by the response it’s had so far! Love Collides did really well and we knew we had to follow up with something better, which we were nervous about when releasing the follow up single but the reaction from the fans has been amazing. It’s been released on Spotify and in just three weeks it had over 14,000 streams! A lot of people know the words now and it receives a good reception during our gigs as well!


Q/ What was the writing process behind it, where did the inspiration come from?

A/ The inspiration for this song didn’t really come from anywhere. Forbes came in with chords and Lewis came in with lyrics and it was one of the songs that we managed to click with really well. The two of them sat and finished the song and once the main parts were done Jordy added a funky bassline into the mix and I added my pots and pans. We knew we had a good song when all the parts came together really well.

Q/ When you sit down to write a new release do you always go in with an idea? Is there a common thread to your releases?

A/ Usually a member of the band comes in with an idea and we muck around with it and try and find a good solid sound for the song. We practice it and try and come up with new ideas and get something solid. Darren and Lewis are the main songwriters of the band and they usually go away and come up with lyrics to the song. We like to incorporate 70s and 80s into our writing and try and bring fresh approach to the genres of music created in those decades. We try and make each song as different as possible and not make every song sound the same.

Q/ You’ve been extensively gigging across the U.K. this past year, what’s been a standout gig for you guys?

A/ We’ve done so many this year and it’s been such a good experience from playing with The View to touring with This Feeling. The one gig that stands out would have to be Reading Festival. It was just totally different from anything we have done before and getting to play one of the UK’s most famous festivals was amazing for the band!

Q/ What do you think is more important for emerging bands now? An extensive live presence or focusing on getting releases under their belt

A/ The main thing would be to practice and keep writing as many songs as possible. Even if they are bad, the more songs you write the better you will get. Also play gigs everywhere and any chance you can get! A good stage presence is always key for upcoming bands.

Q/ What’s next for Shambolics?

A/ We are currently back practicing and working on new material. It’s good to be back in the studio as when we are touring we don’t get a lot of time to work on new songs. We are also going to be supporting Definitely Oasis at the liquid rooms on November 18th then heading to London again on November 24th where we will be doing a live recorded gig for Ratchet Events. We will also be doing a special show at PJ Molloys on the 23rd of December too, it’s not to be missed!


Q/ Worst fan experience?

A/ I don’t think we’ve ever had one to be honest but when I’ve attended a gig and it’s been shit I’ll just drink more and more and make the most of what’s happening.

Q/ Best Fan experience?

A/ When we went to see The Stone Roses at Hampden in June! It was just an amazing day out, everyone was there and Primal were supporting! Can’t beat seeing The Stone Roses but that gig was up there with one of the best we have been to!

Q/ Favourite venue? 
​A/  Hands down has to to be the famous barrowlands

Q/All time favourite artist?

​A/ All-time favourite has to be The Beatles. It’s one band we can all relate to in some way or another and there’s just so many good albums.

Q/ Any current bands you’re into?

​A/ We always seem to change what bands we listen to, when DMA’s album came out we couldn’t stop listening to it but at the moment we are all really into The La’s, always playing their album while were on tour. We also try and listen to upcoming bands as well. Really into The Blinders and The Strawberries at the moment!

Check out their latest single ‘Chasing a Disaster’ below!


@ New Wave Testament 2017

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