A last minute show led me to a sold out Sneaky Petes gig with Norwegian punk rockers Sløtface, and yes, it is the formally known band slutface. Meeting them before their set to grab a couple photos, they were saying how well the tour had been going, how rowdy the crowds were and how they massively enjoyed their off day, despite all being slightly ill and spending most of their day in bed!

They took to the stage and from the off, Haley Shea, the lead singer took control of the audience with her incredible vocals. If the conspiracy theory is true, and Avril Lavinge is actually dead, I’d defiantly have a look into Haley, her stage presence, song writing and incredible vocals are very very similar…

They rocked out, on and off stage, with bassist Lasse Lokøy joining the mosh pit not once but twice, and Haley also got involved. Rowdy is a word that comes to mind when describing the crowd, but within reason. ‘You can be punk, but also polite!!’ Haley shouts after asking to ‘please mosh’ during one of the songs.

The band are well known for their feminist beliefs, lyrics and attitude, as their vocal support also supports causes such as protecting the environment and gender equality. This is highlighted in their video for the bands single ‘Sponge State’ which sparked a huge reaction, and a lot of talk around it.

They are a band which are getting bigger and better with each performance, playing at reading and leeds festival earlier this year, I see them playing on bigger stages and securing bigger slots next year.

Here are some photos of the night..

Rory @ New Wave Testament 2017

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