Rejoice, the noisiest bunch in town – The Van T’s are back with booming new single ‘Bittersweet’! Following previous banger ‘Fresh Meat’ is no easy task. It’s a grooving, brooding gore-fest with an equally gory video that set the tone for a fuller, reverb-soaked sound that had more than plenty of meat on its bones.

You’d be underestimating The Van T’s to think following the same recipe for a follow-up was ever on the cards and it would be massively understating the point to say this is a fitting successor. ‘Bittersweet’ is a leaner, raw affair – upping the tempo and the pop factor while still having plenty of bite to follow their bark.

While being another leap in terms of sound, it still has all the hallmarks of a perfect Van T’s track. With call and response vocals between singers Hannah and Chloe backed by their wall of sound dual guitar duties, all the Ty Segall hooks but they have something the Laguna Beach noise master is missing – the best rhythm section in Glasgow, Joanne and Shaun deserve some serious props on this one. The Van T’s are up for best live act at tonight’s SAMA’s and since they sound as much of a powerhouse recorded as they do live ‘Bittersweet’ is enough of an indication as to just why they deserved the nomination.

Give ‘Bittersweet’ a listen below!

Dominic @ New Wave Testament 2017



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