Retro Video Club play a sold out home show! 

The lads in Retro Video Club have been quiet up until the end of August this year, not many shows and no track releases got fans wanting something. They played a big show at Teviot underground at the end of August, which went down very well. It bagged them a great slot at Tenement Trail at the end of September, the day after their new track release – ‘Psycho’ which got into the ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist.

Prior to the show, the lads went out to grab some food, and during this, they found out the same song had got into ‘The Indie List’ playlist on Spotify, which was absolutely huge for them, this then brought an incredible energy for when they took to a sold out Mash House stage.

First up was Scott Alexander, an acoustic act. Playing a range of songs from his EP ‘West Tollcross’ – rumour has it it is inspired by the legendary Cav Nightclub… He also did an incredible rendition of Post Malone’s massive track ‘Congratulations’ which went down very well to those who came down early.

Then came on Altius, a 4-piece band from Edinburgh. They had incredible stage presence which justified a slot for this show. Again playing a number of tracks from their own EP ‘17A’ which went down very well for a now packed venue.

Cheap Teeth occupied the main support slot, and given the past 3 months you can tell why. The lads from Yorkshire, who study in Edinburgh, had recently won a slot to perfrom at Tenement Trail.  Their TT set was packed with a number of industry professionals, as well as a number of fans. They are an incredible band to watch perform, Joe Laycock with incredible raw vocals, Joe Ash on the lead guitar and keys, Tom on the bass and San on the drums, they create such a great sound. The set included my personal favourite ‘Caris’ and from the crowds reception, theirs too. The set ended with madness, Joe Ash throwing his guitar, Joe Laycock playing his guitar like a piano on the floor and Tom jumping from the bass drum. You’ll be seeing them headline venues very soon.

Then it was time for RVC. Walking on with ‘Freed from Desire’ playing, the crowd were already incredibly hyped. Liam Allison could barely sing the first line of tracks such as ‘Recovery’ as the energetic sold out crowd got there before him. It didn’t stop there, when Liam stood on stage to play their acoustic song ‘Noir’ the lead to his guitar broke, so instead of skipping it, he stood at the front of stage, and played to the crowd who sang every word back to them. I’ve seen RVC gigs before, but this was next level. The energy from Sam McGill, shredding on the guitar, the strong bass playing from Mikey Ward – who also has his own chant, which radiated through the crowd on many occasions – and drummer, Kieran Burt, who put in one hell of a performance. Not forgetting Liam, who’s engery and charisma shone through his vocals, which belted out through their well known tracks ‘Recovery’ ‘1993’ and their new single ‘Psycho’.

To sum it all up, it was incredible to see just how talented Edinburgh is. Edinburgh always seems to be in the shadow of the Glasgow music scene, and this show will have definitely changed peoples minds. Its great to see RVC back, and rumour has it there is a lot more to come..​

Give Retro Video Club’s new single ‘Psycho’ a listen below!

Rory @ New Wave Testament 2017




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