If you haven’t listened to The Amazons yet, where have you been? Continuing their UK tour, with main supports The Pale White, they ventured north for their one Scotland date at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh.

The Pale White took to the stage, and showed the fans who came down early just why they deserved a place touring with The Amazons. The 3-piece rock band from Newcastle, who have just released their self titled EP, brought thunderous tunes and funky guitar riffs aplenty. Just as you thought it was getting started, they continued to step it up and up. Playing tracks such as ‘Turn it Around’ and ‘Downer’, which have racked up hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, proving just why they are so popular. If their show in Edinburgh was anything to go by then they have most definitely picked up many new fans across the tour so far.

Then it was time for The Amazons, entering the stage brandishing plenty of denim, plenty of hair and plenty of noise, the crowd were already hyped. Lead singer – Matt Thompson, accompanied by Guitarist – Chris Alderton, Bassist – Elliot Briggs and the machine on the drums that is Joe Emmett all commanded the stage, with every song getting louder and louder, apart from the first encore song that is where it was just Matt and his keyboard. They were touring their debut self titled album, which includes their powerhouse tracks ‘Black Magic’, ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Junk Food Forever’ – it was just banger after banger. The energy in the room, both from the band and the crowd, it contributed to probably the sweatiest gig I have ever attended – but no regrets.

Here are a few shots from the night, and make sure you get tickets for their next tour, where in Scotland they’ll be playing the Garage, Glasgow.

Rory @ New Wave Testament 2017

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