If Ayakara were a drink, what drink would they be?

Jonnie: Gin & Tonic
Callum: Aye probably, feeling supersonic

You recently released your new single ‘Caroline’s Summer Nights’, how are you feeling about the initial reception it’s received?

Jonnie: It’s doing quite well, it’s climbing up the popularity on Spotify in our most popular tunes.

Callum: I think it’s the case with any song you release without a video, like ‘Who Are You?’ for example the last one did really well as it had a video too. It’s just a matter of engagement though, like having a track with a video means it will do better. Sometimes though it depends, but yeah it’s doing alright so far.

Jonnie: It depends on the tune really


What was the writing process behind the track, where did the inspiration come from?

Jonnie: The story line was about a bird who died or something

Callum: Nah, I think The Skinny said that. We don’t actually know a girl that died, it’s just like a tragic pop song so to speak. We wanted to write from that angle cause most pop songs are about the same kinda topics all the time so we wanted to go from the other side.

Jonnie: I remember writing the drums for the song and I was just trying to copy Indigo Velvet ay.


Jonnie: I was like they play this beat all the time and then jonesy slapped a bass-line over it.

Callum: The start is quite Indigo Velvet-ish

So when you sit down to write a release, do you go in with an idea? Is there a common thread to your releases?

Callum: Nah


Jonnie: Is there fuck!

Callum: We’re trying to get better at that, there isn’t at the moment but there might be in the near future. Hint, hint…

Jonnie: It’s something we’ve been working on, trying to get a more stylistic consistency

Callum: All will be told soon!

So you’ve been extensively gigging across the U.K., what’s been a standout gig for you so far?

Jonnie: When we played The Crowndale

Callum: Aw so we played The Crowndale down in London in August for a This Feeling night which was brilliant, really good fun. It’s good to play anywhere outside Scotland because it’s good to see what the different receptions to us are outside of Scotland and London was brilliant.

What do you think is more important for emerging bands now? An extensive live presence or focusing on getting releases under their belt?

Callum: That’s a really good question

Jonnie: Well I mean something needs to change with bands and their live presence in Edinburgh. I mean there are some bands like Nasari and Indigo Velvet who have got a really bouncing stage presence but then there are some bands that we’ve seen that are really lacking with that.

Callum: Controversial Jonnie!

Jonnie: I mean I’ve obviously missed a lot of bands out, a lot of the bands we play with are absolutely fucking class and have a great stage presence but for up and coming bands…

Callum: People want to be entertained

Jonnie: Yeah exactly! There’s a lot of just looking down at your guitar and playing chords

Callum: You need to be looking like you’re having a good time but that is a really good question, nailing a good mix of both is really what you want to be aiming for!


What’s next for Ayakara?

Jonnie: Big hings mate


Callum: We’ve got things planned but they are under wraps at the minute. I don’t want to say too much but things are definitely starting to happen. There’s a few big changes coming, changes in a good way though! We’re still gonna be bringing out tunes and that but there’s gonna be a change


Best fan experience?

Callum: Probably seeing The Stone Roses down in Manchester

Jonnie: Aye The Stone Roses

Callum: You’ve got the exclusive on changes by the way, don’t know what changes are but you’ve got it!

Worst fan experience?

Jonnie: There was a proper drought at the Roses and nae cunt had any water so I saw this cup of water coming over the crowd and I was cheesin, it hit me square in the face and it was warm and I was like awww mate, it was piss. Didn’t ruin the gig though!

Favourite Venue?

Callum: The Usher Hall, I love the Usher Hall. It’s grand if you know what I mean, I really like it, I’d love to play there. I love seeing bands there too, we went to see Mac DeMarco there recently. I’d love to play The Royal Albert Hall too and Maddison Square Gardens!

Jonnie: Leith Theatre for me that would be class

Callum: Yeah Leith Theatre is definitely on the bucket list to play

Your all time favourite artist?

Callum: The Rolling Stones

Jonnie: The Stone Roses, every time

Any bands that you’re currently into?

Jonnie: Nasari

Callum: In Edinburgh, Nasari are fucking rocking. Indigo Velvet too

Jonnie: Acrylic, Ill Fitting Thoughts, The Cribs -fucking mental man I’m going to see them in December.

Ah you managed to get tickets!

Jonnie: Aw don’t even talk to me about that shit


Callum: THE SNUTS! Put that in fucking capitals, The Snuts are fucking happening. They are going to do big things for all of us!

Your favourite breed of dog?

Callum: Labrador

Jonnie: French Bull Mastiff

Check out Ayakara’s latest single ‘Caroline’s Summer Nights’ below!


@ New Wave Testament 2017

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