Q/ You’ve just come off the King Tuts stage in Glasgow, how’re you feeling about the show?

A/ Amazing, we love Glasgow and it’s always nice to play up here. It’s out first time at King Tuts too and it didn’t disappoint.

Q/ If Paris Youth Foundation were a drink, what drink would they be?

A/ Sex on the beach. Mocktail for Kev as he doesn’t drink.

Q/ You released your last single ‘Missing The Mark’ in July, how’re you feeling about the reception it’s received overall?

A/ So happy to see all the kind words said by people online and at shows. You put a lot of work getting something together and recording so when you see the positive reaction it makes it worth it.


Q/ What was the writing process behind it, where did the inspiration come from?

A/ Kev comes in with an acoustic guitar, chords, lyrics and melody. The band then add their own little spark to it. It can take anywhere between 4 hours to 4 weeks. Inspiration comes from little Kevin’s broken heart.

Q/ When you sit down to write a new release do you always go in with an idea? Is there a common thread to your releases?

A/ Every new song will start with Kev and a guitar so there’s always an idea that we are presented with. His ideas definitely have a common trend between them. They will range from late night break ups and long distance love to calling ex’s you shouldn’t be calling anymore.

Q/ You’re at the beginning of an extensive tour with INHEAVEN, are there any dates you’re looking forward to in particular?

A/ We always love playing our home, Liverpool. There’s always a good buzz about the place. Glasgow is similar actually, nice people who go mad for their music.


Q/ What’s been a stand out moment for you guys as a band from the past year?

A/ We played Reading and Leeds as our first gig in 2016. Getting invited back for 2017 was a good time to reflect on an amazing 12 months. Those two gigs, definitely.

Q/ What do you think is more important for emerging bands now? An extensive live presence or focusing on getting releases under their belt?

A/ Honestly, having the whole package. If there’s one weak link, either in live performance or lack of songs online, it can be hard to get going. Social media plays such a big part nowadays too.

Q/ What’s next for Paris Youth Foundation?

A/ We’ve got Cub Fest after this tour with some great bands, amazing line up. A new release coming in the next few months, then a headline show near the end of the year.

Q/ Worst fan experience? 

A/ We’ve had it all, piss thrown on us, knocked out at the Klaxons, crowd surfing gone wrong, stolen wallets. All part of the night though isn’t it?

Q/ Best Fan experience?

A/ We had guestlist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Hammersmith Apollo, that was incredible. The Maccabees farewell tour was amazing too, and we somehow got backstage.

Q/ Your favourite venue? 

A/ We’ve all seen some amazing shows at Manchester Apollo. Playing wise it has to be Heaven in London.

Q/ Your all time favourite artist?

A/ There’s five of us so we want five!

We guess that’s only fair! 

A/ The National, Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, The Kinks, Bombay Bicycle Club

Q/ Any current bands you’re into?

A/  Day Wave, Hippo Campus, Fatherson, Superfood, Blaenavon

Give Paris Youth Foundation a listen below!

@ New Wave Testament 2017

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