What made you want to pursue a career in music?

Chris G: I remember when I was like eight or something at Christmas my mum got me this guitar and you could plug a microphone into it and it actually played out of the guitar. I actually use to want to be Charlie Simpson from Busted, ever since the age of eight I’ve been obsessed with the guy. Then eventually while learning guitar in high school I decided that I might as well pursue this as something in my free time as it was definitely something I enjoyed.

Chris J: I pretty much uhm, got a guitar from my Granddad, I can’t actually remember what age I was but it was this wee rubbishy acoustic guitar and I’ve been playing ever since, all different types of music. The first band I actually properly got into was Busted, funnily enough. Chris and I have obviously gravitated together musically because of that

Chris G: It’s those eyebrows


You released your most recent single ‘Railways’ a couple of months back, how are you feeling about the reception it’s received overall?

Chris G: Yeah really good, off the back of it we played La Belle Angèle and we nearly sold it out, it was reduced capacity but…

Chris J: But we nearly sold it out *Laughs*

Chris G: Yeah everyone seemed to really enjoy it which was nice and a couple of radio stations picked it up through in Edinburgh too which was quite cool but we’re hoping with the next one that it will do better cause it’s more poppy and listener friendly as a posed to a six minute song that’s just repeating the same thing over and over again

Chris J: Folk will jive to the new song definitely


So you’ve already kind of touched on it! You have your new single ‘Home’ due to be released, what can people anticipate from the track?

Chris G: The best song ever *Laughter* honestly though, something that’s a wee bit different I think. I think if people like Indigo Velvet then they might like it. I’m really good friends with them, they’ve kinda taken me under their wing a bit and I do take a lot of influence from them. I brought that idea to the band, like a more indie-pop sounding track so yeah it’s going to sound different.

Chris J: Without giving too much away I think it’s definitely a song that a lot of people are going to relate to. Especially younger folk

Chris G: You can have a good dance to it and that’s the main thing!


So you’re predominantly based in Edinburgh, what’s your opinion on the Edinburgh music scene as a whole?

Chris G: See, it’s weird because everyone says Glasgow is where it’s at but I’ve had a lot of my luck through in Edinburgh so far, although I don’t know if that’s because I’ve just met the right people. Sometimes I can’t help but feel that Glasgow is too busy, we played at King Tuts for Summer Nights and that was a really good night, that was one of the busier gigs we’ve played in Glasgow but we kind of feel like in Edinburgh it’s easier to get your name about more so than Glasgow. Glasgow is like the America of Scotland, it can be tough to get yourself known.

Any acts that are your personal favourites from Edinburgh?

Indigo Velvet, Vistas – we actually supported them at their first gig and they’ve just recently played TRNSMT, which is really cool. I don’t think they’re from, Edinburgh but I see them around Edinburgh quite a lot, Bwani Junction/ Ava Love. Also Fabric Bear, Ryan the singer, his mum used to go to school with my mum. I used to live next door to him. I can’t think of any other acts just now, there are loads though.

What can people anticipate from you in the next six months?

The single, hopefully more gigs too. I don’t know, the next six months we’re not too sure. We have a rough plan but we don’t want to give too much away. We’re gonna start applying for lots of festivals and we maybe might release another single, definitely more shows though hopefully bigger and better.

Best fan experience?

Chris G: Stereophonics at The Hydro in 2013, it was amazing, I was up in the heavens but it was still fucking amazing!

The Nose Bleed Seats?

Chris G: *Laughs* Yeah the nose bleed seats! I’m gonna mention this for the millionth time and all my friends are going to laugh but the first time I saw Charlie Simpson, it was a moment. I was right down the front belting my wee heart out.

Chris J: Mine would be, uhm a lot of the people that know the band will be surprised at me saying this but one of my favourite bands is Avenged Sevenfold so my best fan experience would be seeing them in Birmingham. I was second row in with my friend Jared and when they came on, I knew how the song was gonna start because they’d just released their new album, Nightmare. So I saw them all come on and I heard somebody screaming and I was like who’s that and it turns out it was me, I actually did not realise that I had started involuntary screaming.

Chris G: Do you know what actually I saw Kodaline at The Barrowlands in 2014 and that was great, that was really great. The guitarist laughed at me because I was proper going for it down the front singing ‘All I Want’

Worst fan experience?

Chris G: There’s a few, The 1975 at T in the Park, a cup of piss landed right on my head. It went all over me and I wasn’t going home until the next night so I was stinking of piss for 24 hours. It usually is like people thinking they own the crowd or something as a bad experience but nope mine was a cup of piss.


Chris J: You usually know if someone is about to come over the top of you crowd surfing cause you see the security guard stand up on the barrier to catch them but I didn’t see it this one time and I was just stood minding my own business and this lassies arse came down right on the back of my head. I’ve not had many bad experiences at gigs other than that which was the worst.

Your favourite venue?

Chris G: King Tuts! 100%. The first Glasgow gig I ever want to was King Tuts and then playing it too. On both sides of the stage it’s a great venue, the people that work there are so lovely.

Chris J: Yeah when we were there they were so warm and welcoming!

A standout career moment?

Chris G: Before we’d even released the EP for ‘Down that road’, the demo got played on Radio 1 which was mad. The first time playing with a band, we sold out The Mash House which was great. Not much of an after party though, we were like right we’re gonna go and drop our stuff off at the hotel and then we’ll go out and get pished. We got back to the hotel, went out had one drink, went for a kebab and went home *laughs*. The Mash House is definitely my standout though, the crowd were great that night!


Give their latest single ‘Railways’ a listen below…

@ New Wave Testament 2017



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