Following the release of their stellar new single ‘Caroline’s Summer Nights’ last Friday, Leith five-piece Ayakara took to The Mash House on Saturday to play an adrenaline fuelled set to a packed out room. We’re here to tell you what you missed! 

From start to finish Leith’s Ayakara brought their “Adrenaline Groove For The Soul” to The Mash House. Taking the stage in their signature elegantly-dishevelled state, they delivered a searing high-octane set with the crowd hanging on every note – gyrating in an eruption of vibrant grooves and fizzing percussion. 

With Ayakara confident that the crowd were suitably enthralled that they could comfortably showcase some new material – without missing a beat, guitarist Felix took centre stage. Wrestling through a brand new banger with everyone unphased by the unfamiliarity and bouncing along as though it were already a live favourite – which we are certain it will be soon enough. 

“Adrenaline groove for the soul” is how the band describe themselves – and these three words are well-chosen. There is no doubt Ayakara are an adrenaline-fuelled powerhouse, they do groove contagiously, compelling you to join them and when the dust settles, there are some tender moments that are soulful. More succinctly, I would describe them in these three words: “Not. To. Miss.” 

Give their new track ‘Caroline’s Summer Nights’ a listen below! 

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 

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