Q / If Mt. Doubt were a hat what kind of hat would they be?

A/ Mt. Doubt is a balaclava; you’ve got to get up close to see what’s inside.


Q / You’ve just launched your brand new single ‘Mouthwash’, how are you feeling about the reception it’s received so far?

A/ It’s been pretty good thus far; nice people have said a lot of nice things which is, at the very least, nice. It’s also brilliant to have had it supported by the likes of Roddy Hart on BBC Radio Scotland!

Q / What was the writing process behind the track, where did the inspiration for it come from?

A/ It sort of fell together really, lots of different little ideas of mine married quite well and eventually got spat out in the form of ‘Mouthwash’. It’s a strange one because it’s probably our most upbeat song but it’s just about lying in bed feeling sorry for yourself…


Q / What’s coming up next for Mt.Doubt?

A/ we may or may not have more music on its way… (we do) We’ll also be playing a handful of shows towards the tail end of the year all over the place really; Skye, Brighton, Teesside, Aberdeen and beyond! Looking into 2018 we’ll be doing lots of writing and travelling, that’s the plan at least!


Q/ When you sit down to write a new release do you always go in with an idea? Is there a common thread to your releases?

A/ I don’t tend to sit down to write a release I just write songs all the time and when there is a large enough bulk it can be whittled down to something a bit more cohesive like an EP or an album. The themes tend to become more clear once the songs are all bunched together to be honest.


Q/ You’ve been extensively playing live dates over the last year, what’s been a standout gig?

A/ This year I reckon playing down at Café Gwdihw in Cardiff was probably a highlight. It was the first night of our first tour and it was just really busy which we hadn’t expected at all, it was a great night and a lovely surprise! We were playing with a local band called Silent Forum who were excellent as well!

Q / What do you think is more important for emerging bands now, an extensive live presence or focusing on getting releases under their belt?

A/ I think that it depends on the band…there’s no set rule and it seems strange to me that people seem so keen to create those guidelines. I think bands should just make sure they’re having fun, creating music they actually care about on a level beyond the superficial and approach it with a strong and consistent work ethic. Obviously playing shows and releasing music is only going to make you better!


Q / Your best fan experience? 

A/ I think seeing Morrissey at the Usher Hall will always be a hard one to topple, just because I love him so much!


Q / Your worst fan experience? 

A/ I’ve never had any standout experiences that were really, really awful. I’ve seen a few fights in crowds before and people always talk far too much, far too loudly but nothing has been too bad…yet.


Q / Favourite venue?

A/ To play I absolutely love The Hug n Pint in Glasgow, it’s really cosy and we’ve had some fun shows there! For attending I have a real soft spot for The Usher Hall, I think it’s really underrated and I’ve seen some amazing gigs in there!


Q/Who is your favourite artist of all time? Why?

A/ That’s a tough one – probably Morrissey. I think the timing of my obsession means I’ll always love him, I got into him in my later teens and I honestly think I could listen to him on repeat forever and not get bored or irritated!


Q / Any current bands you’re into?

A/ Been listening to The National’s new record a lot! Everyone should check out Lucius too, like them a lot!! I’m always behind the trend curve though!

Give Mt. Doubt’s latest single ‘Mouthwash’ a listen below…

@ New Wave Testament 2017

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