Stand alone vocals open the track alongside a distant guitar refrain, holding a unique element lead singer Liam’s vocals give a coarse dynamic edge to ‘Psycho’.

Echoing, a glittering angsty feel, driving guitar riffs wrap around an insistent rolling drum rhythm creating a propulsive heavier air to the track. A building underlying energy gives a compelling edge, giving ‘Psycho’ all the necessary elements of a brilliant live track.

Packing a high energy punch, relatable lyrics add another layer of depth to the track drawing you further into its depths. Dropouts to stand alone vocals aid in giving an emotive feel before the tenacious driving full band ensemble breaks back in again. Abundant with sparkling riffs and a rolling groove feel bass-line, ‘Psycho’ is an exciting track that will have you hooked from the outset.

A power trip from beginning to end, ‘Psycho’ is an exciting look into Retro Video Club’s talents at penning dynamically catchy tracks and leaves us excited for their future material!

Give ‘Psycho’ a listen below!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament


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